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Racer: 6' 2" 145lb. 135-170 canopies

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Racer: 6' 2" 145lb. 135-170 canopies
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This harness is a L-1, a Large -1inch in the MLW.  It has a 12 inch wide backpad.  The 3-rings are stainless steel and the friction adapters are standard  cadmium. 

There is no RSL. 

The fabric is black cordura and aside from dirt on the leg pads is very clean.  There is some oxidation on the main D-bag grommets but they are ok. 

The stiffeners are ok.  The container grommets are good. 

The main pilot chute is a Cazer collapsible with a PVC handle.  The kill line is showing some wear inside the D-bag.  The D-bag is standard with rubber band stow. 

Risers are Type-17 with velcro toggles and stainless hardware.  They are a bit out of shape.  Would recommend replacing. 

The cutaway handle is a soft pillow and the reserve is a stainless D-ring.  The reserve pilot chute and bridle are in good condition.  There is some discoloration on the reserve freebag.
This container has a hook knife and pouch on the right leg pad.  This container also comes with a wedge altimeter mount with a hook knife and pouch on it as well as a Cypres 2 pin cutter, but not AAD.

The main canopy size is 475 cu. in. which is around a 160-170 sq. ft canopy.  The reserve canopy size is 400 cu. in. which is around a 135-150 canopy.

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Additional Info

Manufacturer Jump Shack
Articulation Availability No
Back Pad Options Available No
Chest Strap Size Availability TY 17 - 1"
Cutaway Handles Available No
External AAD Window No
Fabrics Available Cordura 1000
Hardware Availability No
Main Deployment Handles Available No
Reserve Handles Available No
Riser Cover Types Available No
Riser Hard Cable Housings Yes
Riser Sizes Available No
Skyhook and RSL No
Toggle Types Available No
Kill Line Pilot Chute Availability Included
Hook Knife Pouch Yes
Cut In Laterals Availability No
Name Embroidery Available No

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