Power Tool Replacement Bar

Power Tool Replacement Bar

Power Tool Replacement Bar
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This is a Power Tool Replacement Bar, which can either replace a broken or bent Power Tool bar or be combined with a Power Tool Replacement Cord to make a main container closing tool.

The Power Tool Replacement Bar is 1/4" longer than the standard Power Tool & Spike Tool, but the shaft is slightly thinner and has more of a point on the front. Some packers find it easier to close flaps with the slightly thinner bar.

Made of stainless steel with a breaking strength of 250kg.

Note: The Power Tool Replacement Bar does not include the cord. You will need to add a Power Tool Replcement Cord to your order if you don't have one to put on this tool.

The Power Tool Replacement Bar, when assembled with a Power Tool Replacement Cord, is threaded through the closing loop and then threaded through each grommet as you close each flap. The Power Tool is also a great rigging tool for installing soft links, bumpers and similar projects.

This Power Tool Replacement Bar works well with the medium length cord of the Power Tool Replacement Cord, which is the most common length used by skydivers for sport and tandem rigs.

The Micro Power Tool is 3.75" in length and is manufactured in Belarus.

When not in use, many skydivers wear the Power Tool as a necklace!

Note: When using the Power Tool for packing, use 4 fingers on the center part of the bar only. Do not put a finger on the back piece. Pressure or force on the outside ends of the Power Tool under tension can cause it to bend and/or break.

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Power Tool Replacement Bar