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Phoenix-Fly Viper Wingsuit

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Quick Overview

The Viper has been designed for pilots who want the maximum flight performance in distance and time. The unsurpassed flight capability of the suit make the Viper the weapon of choice for experienced wingsuit BASE jumpers and competitive wingsuit skydivers.
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The Viper has been designed for pilots who want the maximum flight performance in distance and time. The unsurpassed flight capability of the suit make the Viper the weapon of choice for experienced wingsuit BASE jumpers and competitive wingsuit skydivers.

Phoenix-Fly proudly introduces the Viper.

The Viper is the latest addition to the Phoenix-Fly high performance V series of suits. Designed and built alongside the new Vampire 5, Viper is a high quality wingsuit designed and tested for maximum performance in both BASE and skydiving environments. Viper features a streamlined, low drag design optimized with booties integrated into the wing allowing for maximum agility and control. The custom designed leg wing deflector smooths the airflow over the top of the suit providing higher flying speeds, cleaner deployments and more lateral stability during flight. The arm wings are optimized for maximum glide, whilst giving the pilot precise control. Our new inlet design creates a solid wing that inflates quicker than ever before on exit from either an aircraft or BASE exit. This is a very high performance suit intended for experienced pilots looking for long flight times as well speed and distance.


Viper is the latest addition to our market leading wingsuit designs

  • Builds on the huge success of the Vampire series
  • The product of 10 years continuous research and development
  • Newly designed wing profile provides a solid wing built with performance at the forefront
  • Viper is the highest performing suit we’ve ever built, combining super quick inflation, superior glide, and a good forward speed that gets you flying right from the start
  • Viper features our custom cable release system which has the cutaway toggles at easy accessable location on the wrists, meaning a fast armwing release for when you really need it
  • Loop armwing release handles with cover flap.
  • Over the shoulder wing zip attachment allows the suit to be fitted to a rig in seconds
  • Wider and longer tail wing provides solid, stable flight at high forward speeds
  • New Air inlet technology that provides extremely rapid wing inflation and solid pressurisation
  • Unique ‘mag-lock’ system keeps the tail out of the way until you need it
  • Sturdy 1.9 Oz balloon ZP construction, reinforced in the critical areas (options available) 
  • Market leading build quality 
  • Integrated arm wing sleeve design with injection mold rubber preshaped leading edge. 
  • Foam lining on knee area.
  • Rigid wingtip grippers. 
  • Adjustable arm tension swoop cords.


  • Optional openings for belly mount camera attachment 
  • Various material options ?(Balloon ZP, Parapak, Cameroon) for better weight, durability or low drag characteristics. 
  • 5/10 BASE sole – providing additional grip for the feet for those slippery surfaces on exit

The Viper was designed with both BASE jumpers and skydivers in mind.

Whilst the focus of the Viper has been to improve glide performance the new arm wing design also gives the suit great slow speed flying characteristics making it the ideal choice for skydive performance competition.

The Viper offers the best performance available, permitting longer flights, both in terms distance and freefall time. With the Viper you will be able to fly longer distances from the plane or the mountain, whether alone or racing with your friends.

The Viper is not an “off the shelf” product, but rather a tailor-made suit designed to fit the exact measurements of the pilot. Each suit is unique and customized to fit your body, maximizing comfort and performance.

Additional information

Due to the large wing surface area the Viper is not suitable for low experience pilots. We recommend a MINIMUM of 400 wingsuit jumps before trying the Viper, with a good deal of experience on big surface wingsuits.

Turnaround times change frequently; contact us for the current delivery times.

Extra options are listed on the order form, which can be downloaded at this link. The measuring guide can be found at this link. Once the form is filled out, please fax or e-mail it to us.

Exact pricing of suit will be determined after order form is submitted with all options chosen. You will be contacted after order form is submitted for the final price as well as any questions or suggestions we have for your suit order.

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Additional Info

Suit Type Wingsuit
Fabric Options No
Cordura Reinforcement Options No
Grip Options No
Leg types No
Chest Closure Options No
Bootie Fastner No
Lining Available No
2-Piece Suit Available No
Fit Guarantee Yes
Wrist Cuffs Option No
Accessories Available No
Manufacturer Phoenix-Fly

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