Phoenix-Fly Venom Wingsuit

Phoenix-Fly Venom Wingsuit

Phoenix-Fly Venom Wingsuit
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Joining the Vampire, Venom is an all-new addition to our premium high performance ‘V series’ of suits.
Designed and built for maximum free fall times, while still maintaining great forward speed, with unparalleled glide.

After the outstanding success of the first STEALTH2 and VAMPIRE3 wingsuit, Phoenix Fly proudly introduces the hybrid evolution of both designs called VENOM.

Improving on the already great STEALTH and VAMPIRE platform, the VENOM brings several new features to the experienced wingsuit pilot who is looking to spend longer in the air and achieve super low free fall speeds, whilst still maintaining a good forward speed.

The suit features a superfast start in the B.A.S.E. environment. Flying almost instantly from exit, similar to the v4.

With our newly designed easy reach escape sleeve, your risers are also instantly accessible. With special stretching geometry on the back of the sleeve creating a nice closed sleeve that opens up, without the need to lift knees, regardless of clothing worn underneath.

The Phoenix Fly VENOM features:

• Airlocked inlets on the front and back (backfly inlets optional) for solid pressurization.
• Thin wing profile, made of low drag Zero P ensures maximum air flow
• Large arm wings that extend to the knee and wide leg wing provide stable, high lift flight.
• Fast & Simple assembly thanks to sturdy over the shoulder zips.
• Improved zipper locking mechanism to prevent unzipping due to MLW
• New cable cut away system, positioned on the arm sleeve.
• Ergonomic wing tip grippers allow for straight or curved arm flying position.
• Foam lining on arm sleeves and knee area.
• Sturdy 1.9 Oz Balloon ZP and Parapack construction, reinforced in the critical areas.
• Deep cut booties made from specialized rubber material.

Venom features our new ‘3 wing release’ system, a 3 stage design built to give you freedom whatever the situation:

• If everything goes to plan, simply unzip your wings as normal and fly your canopy.
• For instant access to the risers, our new custom designed sleeve release system will let your arms reach up safely, regardless of type of clothing worn underneath.
• For ultimate peace of mind, the suit features our proven cable release system completely freeing the arms if required.

In addition, VENOM features:

• Clean shaped leading edge for optimal airflow
• Optional preformed foam leading edge insert
• Easy and intuitive to fly with outstanding performance
• PF pioneered ram-air inlets for super fast inflation
• Quick start: flying as soon as as you leave the exit point or aircraft
• Magnetic Wing tabs to prevent dragging on the floor

The VENOM was designed with experienced wingsuit skydivers in mind. In the flock it has an unmatched range. When maxed out the suit seems to hang in the air for an eternity, with a good forward speed but an extremely slow vertical speed.

If you are after the longest freefall times then the VENOM is for you! Or if you are a heavier pilot you may find the suit improves your vertical range.

The VENOM is not an “off the shelf” product, but rather a tailor-made suit designed to fit the exact measurements of the pilot. Each suit is unique and customized to fit your body, maximizing comfort and performance.

Additional information

Due to the large wing surface area the VENOM is not suitable for low experience pilots. We recommend a MINIMUM of 180 to 250 wingsuit jumps before trying the VENOM.

The increased wingsize doesnt allow for the placement of a special B.A.S.E. leg pouch, as the wing would cover the location during deployment.

Though the BOC is accessible with relative ease, we urge to account for the larger burble and minor delays in deployment with this type/size wingsuit when used in a B.A.S.E. environment. Adjusting your deployment altitude upward as well as selecting appropriate sized PC is highly recommended.

Turnaround times change frequently; contact us for the current delivery times.

Extra options are listed on the order form, which can be downloaded at this link. The measuring guide can be found at this link. Once the form is filled out, please fax or e-mail it to us.

Exact pricing of suit will be determined after order form is submitted with all options chosen. You will be contacted after order form is submitted for the final price as well as any questions or suggestions we have for your suit order.

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2-Piece Suit Available
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Phoenix-Fly Venom Wingsuit