Phoenix-Fly Tracking Suit

Phoenix-Fly Tracking Suit

Phoenix-Fly Tracking Suit
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The Phoenix-Fly Tracking Suit is the essential piece of equipment for any serious tracker, using ram air technology combined with a unique air inlet design to offer incredible tracking performance! The original PF Pants & Jacket launched in 2004 and sparked a revolution in the BASE and skydiving world.

Phoenix-Fly proudly introduces the new Tracking Suit, the result of 9 years of continuous research and development.

Since their launch in 2004, the original PF Track pants & jacket have become essential equipment for BASE jumpers and skydivers serious about tracking. 2007 sees the launch of the improved Tracking suit.

The Tracking suit improves your flying performance but is also practical for hiking and offers light weather protection.


The Phoenix-Fly Tracking suit allows the jumper to track faster, flatter and to fly further than ever before. The ram air inlets in the pants and jacket allow the suit to inflate, increasing the surface area and enhancing the aerodynamic shape of the jumper. In turn this produces more lift and helps reduce drag. The Tracking suit increases the distance you can track and also the time you spend in freefall. In the BASE environment this also increases the distance that you open away from the object helping to reduce the risk of an object strike.

The new version of the Tracking suit uses the same great inlet technology as on the original pants and jacket but the inlets have been improved to provide even better pressurization. The Tracking Suit also includes many improvements as a result of feedback provided by our customers to enhance the comfort and durability of the suit on the ground and in the air.

The features of the Tracking Suit are:

• Improved Inlet design
• New colour panel options
• Reinforced knees, shoulders, butt and elbows
• New stronger bootie clip
• New stronger belt
• Mesh lining on pants and jacket
• Foam padding on the shoulder for increased comfort carrying the stash bag
• Jacket length increased, giving more overlap at the waist
• Cargo pocket added to jacket
• Zip pockets
• Side pockets to keep your hands warm

The original inlet technology has been maintained and improved. This smart design provides quicker pressurisation in order to create a larger, smoother and more rigid surface on the legs and arms.

The "bootie clip" feature provides additional tension on the leg sleeves to help keep the proper form and shape of the pants during freefall. This advanced feature helps the jumper adjust the length of the pants to suit the length of their own legs without restricting freedom of movement in any way.

The PF Tracking suit is made from Zero Porosity material. The butt, knee, shoulder and elbow areas are reinforced with Parapack for increased durability. The long zippers on the inside of each pant leg make it easier to get in and out of them without the jumper having to remove their footwear.

The Tracking suit enables good trackers to access a whole new level of performance, approaching the performance levels that have been achieved with basic wingsuits models! The Tracking suit does not restrict the jumper's freedom of movement in any way during the jump.

The Tracking suit can also be worn as normal clothing as it is very comfortable and practical to wear. The jacket also features a built in hood, that provides excellent rain protection. The tracking suit has various pockets to carry your radio, mobile phone and also for keeping your hands warm.

Additional information

A minimum of 80 freefall skydives is recommended before trying the trackingsuit.

Turnaround times change frequently; contact us for the current delivery times.

Extra options are listed on the order form, which can be downloaded at this link. The measuring guide can be found at this link. Once the form is filled out, please fax or e-mail it to us.

Exact pricing of suit will be determined after order form is submitted with all options chosen. You will be contacted after order form is submitted for the final price as well as any questions or suggestions we have for your suit order.

Detail Information

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Phoenix-Fly Tracking Suit