Phoenix-Fly Shadow Wingsuit

Phoenix-Fly Shadow Wingsuit

Phoenix-Fly Shadow Wingsuit
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The Acro was the first true acrobatic suit available on the market, featuring rear inlets for back flying and RW style leg grips for docking. The Shadow builds on the Acro platform, and offers limitless new opportunities for pilots interested in acrobatics, wing suit relative work, freestyle flying and B.A.S.E.

The Shadow has been specifically developed for pilots interested in back flying, wing suit relative work, freestyle flying and wingsuit B.A.S.E.

The design of the Shadow greatly enhances the suits manoeuvrability offering many new possibilities in areas such as acrobatics and docked flight.


The Shadow armwing leading edge is straight, changing the flying position to give the pilot much more flexibility. The symmetrical wing profiles and tapered trailing edge also combine to enhance manoeuvrability. The Shadow flies in the so-called "mono-wing" style, it is easier and more intuitive to perform sharp turns, solid carves, rolls, dives and swoops.

Based on the established platform of the Phantom2 and Acro2 wingsuit, the suit combines the best features of both products into a whole new platform.
The Shadow was designed with input from the Norwegian VKB B.A.S.E. jumping experts, for the intent of proximity flying.

Hence the name, Shadow.

The Shadow has the following features:
• New air locked inlets offer excellent pressurization in all orientations.
• Fast & Simple assembly thanks to over the shoulder zips.
• New cable cut away system, positioned on the arm sleeve.
• Parapack panels improve durability and offer more colour options
• Tapered arm wings leave your hands free to take grips, the clever wingdesign also makes acrobatic manoeuvres easier.
• Symmetrical wing profiles ensure efficient lift generation with the suit flying in either orientation.
• Swept back armwing profile, allowing easy acces to BOC (B.A.S.E. and skydive)
• Arm sleeve is cut straight to allow arm to be flown with the bicep at the leading edge, this position allows the shoulders to be more flexible improving precision and manoeuvrability.

The Shadow is made to the same high standards as the other Phoenix-Fly products, utilising high grade materials and robust double stitching seam construction (as used for canopy manufacture).
Your Shadow will be custom made to order, tailored to your measurements.

As an option, the Shadow can be ordered with leg grippers. Similar to FS/VRW grippers, located on the lower leg.

The Shadow is rated for all experience levels and suitable for use in first flight courses.

Turnaround times change frequently; contact us for the current delivery times.

Extra options are listed on the order form, which can be downloaded at this link. The measuring guide can be found at this link. Once the form is filled out, please fax or e-mail it to us.

Exact pricing of suit will be determined after order form is submitted with all options chosen. You will be contacted after order form is submitted for the final price as well as any questions or suggestions we have for your suit order.

Detail Information

Suit TypeWingsuit
Fabric Options
Cordura Reinforcement Options
Grip Options
Leg types
Chest Closure Options
Bootie Fastner
Lining Available
2-Piece Suit Available
Fit GuaranteeYes
Wrist Cuffs Option
Accessories Available


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well rounded suit
This wing lets you have a beginner suit with room to advance, flies great on your back,flocking ,and works great for barrel rolls and flips, very fun suit.
Review by Eugene / (Posted on 8/21/2013)

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Phoenix-Fly Shadow Wingsuit