Phoenix-Fly Havok Wingsuit

Phoenix-Fly Havok Wingsuit

Phoenix-Fly Havok Wingsuit
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The Havok wingsuit is for advanced wingsuit pilots who want a high performance suit not sacrificing agility. The Havok builds on the high performance platform of the Ghost, but the suit is flown hands-free style. This adds a new level of agility to the proven platform. Like the Ghost it offers a good balance of performance and fun mixed with unprecedented feeling of agility in a large surface wingsuit.

The Havok wingsuit is aimed at advanced wingsuit pilots who want a high performance suit for flocking, acrobatics and or BASE.


Havok is the result of of continuous testing and research and brings agile flying with great forward speed and long freefalls.
Building on the already successful Ghost 3 and Shadow platform, Havok is great for those looking to take their acrobatic flying to the next level.

Built without grippers, it’s the ideal choice for those looking for great performance whilst taking multiple fast paced docks. Whether you’re using it for flocking, jumping camera, flying steeper angles, or high scoring acro rounds, Havok is the suit for you.
Havok offers a good balance of performance and fun, ideal for intermediate to advanced acro wingsuit pilots looking for a new challenge, BASE jumpers looking for an easy to handle suit with great glide performance and an easy to reach pull, and camera flyers wanting maximum range when filming wingsuit formations or students.

The Havok wingsuit has the following features:

  • Quick rigging thanks to over the shoulder zips

  • Redesigned cable cut away system, positioned on the arm sleeve

  • Improved inlet design, on front and back for solid pressurization

  • Gripperless design ideally suited to acro flyers

  • Large arm wing with specially shaped trailing edge to maximise surface area near the body whilst providing easy access to the BOC pilot chute

  • Large leg wing and back deflector with double air intakes on the bottom skin.

  • Air locked back inlets ensure good inflation whilst back flying

  • Integrated arm wing sleeve design with pre-shaped leading edge

  • Deep cut booties made from automotive grade leather 

  • Sturdy 1.9 Oz Balloon ZP and parapack material, with double seam construction

Options : BASE pouch , Material choice of parapak instead of Balloon ZP

Havok is made to the same high standards as the other Phoenix Fly products, utilising high grade materials and robust double stitched seam construction (as used for canopy manufacturing). The Havok will be custom made to order, tailored to your measurements.

Additional information

Due to the larger wing surface area the Havok is not suitable for low experience/bpilots. We recommend a MINIMUM of 80 wingsuit jumps before trying the Havok.

Turnaround times change frequently; contact us for the current delivery times.

Extra options are listed on the order form, which can be downloaded at this link. The measuring guide can be found at this link. Once the form is filled out, please fax or e-mail it to us.

Exact pricing of suit will be determined after order form is submitted with all options chosen. You will be contacted after order form is submitted for the final price as well as any questions or suggestions we have for your suit order.

Detail Information

Suit TypeWingsuit
Fabric Options
Cordura Reinforcement Options
Grip Options
Leg types
Chest Closure Options
Bootie Fastner
Lining Available
2-Piece Suit Available
Fit GuaranteeYes
Wrist Cuffs Option
Accessories Available


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Phoenix-Fly Havok Wingsuit