NZ Aerosports Icarus Crossfire2 (Custom in 4 weeks)

NZ Aerosports Icarus Crossfire2 (Custom in 4 weeks)

NZ Aerosports Icarus Crossfire2 (Custom in 4 weeks)
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The Icarus Crossfire2 manufactured by NZ Aerosports. 

When NZ Aerosports released the Icarus Crossfire, they revolutionized what was possible with a 9-cell non-cross braced canopy.

The Crossfire represents a massive leap forward in performance from any other 9 cell in the world. Its swoop capability almost rivals cross-braced canopies such as the EXTreme FX, while maintaining numerous desirable flight characteristics; a long recovery arc, incredible swoop distance and unparalleled openings.

The Crossfire2 shares the same impressive capabilities as its predecessor, plus some of the most responsive toggle and riser control inputs of any canopy in the market. It has a light front riser pressure and an even longer recovery arc.

The Crossfire2 is a highly elliptical, constant cell aspect ratio, closed nose, fully surface shaped inflatable wing capable of unrivaled performance. It will out perform any non cross-braced 9 cell available.

The Icarus Crossfire is a High Performance Elliptical ZP 9-cell canopy specifically designed for experienced ram air pilots. The Crossfire is highly and truly elliptical in its planform shaping, on both the leading and trailing edges. The cell widths vary across the canopy, maintaining a constant cell aspect ratio to control distortion, and drooped wing tips to minimize wing tip drag.

Unlike any other 9-cell, the nose is partially formed giving the canopy a more efficient leading edge (much like an aircraft wing). The nose design not only improves the canopy's aerodynamics, it assists in controlling the openings. This nose structure also diagonally supports the non-loaded ribs during flight; creating further rigidity at the leading edge and reducing distortion during flare.

A major problem with previous HP elliptical canopies had been 'diving off heading' openings. Development work with the Crossfire has reduced this dramatically. The Crossfire openings are among the most consistent and comfortable 'stress free' openings available. The turns are snappy and the canopy has a large recovery arc; allowing it to dive for a long time and easily pick up speed when required. The flare is powerful - exceeded only by Cross Braced Tri-Cell Canopies like the EXTreme FX & VX. (Note: The Crossfire is NOT cross-braced and does NOT incorporate any valve systems.)

The Result; an aerodynamic wing with less drag, increased rigidity and more lift - offering greater performance than other 9 cells at both low and high speeds.

The Crossfire is specifically designed for experienced skydivers wanting maximum performance from a modern HP Elliptical without going as far as a Cross Braced Tri-Cell. It is also for those wanting to fly high performance 9-cells, who have previously been cautious about opening issues.

The Icarus Crossfire:

  • An impressively balanced, no hassle, High Performance wing

  • Truly elliptical

  • High Performance ZP 9-Cell

  • No Cross-Bracing or valve systems

  • Fully formed nose

  • Superb openings

  • Impressive landings

The Crossfire2 is available in any size you choose as a custom order. You can pick one from the stock list at this link. And then note size and colors above when placing the order through

For custom colors, complete your design at this link and then note "ChutingStar Customer Order" in the Instructions box when you submit the design online at You can then complete the order through and note "Custom Order Placed at NZ Aerosports" in the text box above. We'll match up the order with NZ Aerosports and be in touch with a confirmation and delivery time.

Turnaround times for stock canopy orders is approximately 1 week. Turnaround time for custom canopies varies frequently, so contact ChutingStar for the current turnaround time.

Detail Information

Cell Count9 cell
Fabric TypeZP
Line Types500 Vectran, 750 Vectran
Link TypesSoft Links
Canopy Performance LevelAdvanced
Canopy ShapeElliptical
Slider GrommetsStainless
Slider TypesCollapsible
Canopy TypeMain
Colors Available


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Awesome Canopy for Work and Play!
I currently fly a Crossfire 99. My last canopy was a Crossfire 109, prior to which I flew a crossfire 119. There is an obvious pattern here. This canopy is so versatile yet predictable, that it can't be beat for my experience level and needs. As a videographer I demand consistently gentle openings which the crossfire offers time and again. This canopy can get me back from most any spot with such a nice long glide but it is still zippy and fun when you want it to be. The riser pressure truly is as light as they say at the appropriate loading. Though this is a fully elliptical high performance canopy designed for a more advanced canopy pilot it is able to recover quickly too, making it more forgiving than other high performance canopies.
Review by constance / (Posted on 7/23/2013)

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NZ Aerosports Icarus Crossfire2 (Custom in 4 weeks)