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Used Mirage G4 M3: 5'8" 200 lbs, 140-150 canopies

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used mirage g4 m3
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Mirage G4 M3 SN: 04528 DOM: 20 March 2003
Harness is sized for a 5'8" 200 lbs body type and is in good condition.  The harness size is 17 16 -.5.  Hardware is stainless as well as the RSL.  Fabric is cordura with no damage or repairs.  The container is overall a bit dingy.  Grommets and stiffeners are good.  The BOC is good.  The main pilot chute is collapsible with a freefly handle that matches the container.  The main deployment bag is a split bag with tube stows.  Risers are 20" Type-17 with velcroless toggles and stainless stell rings.  Both cutaway and reserve handles are soft.  The reserve pilot chute and freebag are in good condition.
Options on this container include, hip and chest articulation, a hook knife pouch, freefly modification, elastic stabilizers, an external AAD window and a skytie.

The container also comes with an extra set of risers and Dbag and pilot chute and legpad covers.

Previous owner estimates 800 jumps on this container.

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Additional Info

Manufacturer Mirage
Articulation Availability Chest and Hip
Back Pad Options Available Standard
Chest Strap Size Availability TY 8 - 2"
Cutaway Handles Available Pillow
External AAD Window Yes
Fabrics Available Cordura 1000
Hardware Availability Stainless Steel
Main Deployment Handles Available Hackey
Reserve Handles Available Pillow
Riser Cover Types Available Tuck Tab
Riser Hard Cable Housings Yes
Riser Sizes Available TY 17 - 1" (mini)
Skyhook and RSL RSL Available
Toggle Types Available Velcro-less
Kill Line Pilot Chute Availability Included
Hook Knife Pouch Yes
Cut In Laterals Availability Yes
Name Embroidery Available No

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