Icon neXgen Pro Skydiving Container (Stock 3 Weeks/Custom 12-14 Weeks)

Icon neXgen Pro Skydiving Container (Stock 3 Weeks/Custom 12-14 Weeks)

Icon neXgen Pro Skydiving Container (Stock 3 Weeks/Custom 12-14 Weeks)
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The most common selected options for pricing are listed below. Any other available options can be added after we receive your initial order. The Aerodyne online custom or stock order form linked below needs to be submitted along with your online ChutingStar order for colors, measurements and all options. Icon neXgen Custom Order Form Icon neXgen Stock List
Add the Icon neXgen to your online cart on Aerodyne's site and proceed through their check out process by clicking "Send to Distributor" for the check out method. Choose AR0135 - Chuting Star Rigging Loft as the distributor.

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Custom or stock Icon neXgen Pro Container. The Icon neXgen Pro by Aerodyne takes the Icon Pro to the next level of comfort and ease of use.

The Icon is still the only rig in the world to use the miniforce™ 3-ring system. The elongated middle ring makes it easier to cut away, due to the improved lever effect. It reduces the pull force required to cut away by about 30% compared to other mini 3-ring systems.

Learn All About the Icon neXgen Here!

For the neXgen, Aerodyne made the following design updates/changes to the Icon Pro:

  • Legstraps geometry is improved to wrap smoothly around the leg without gaping at the back. Legstraps wider across the backs of the legs and sculpted through the inner thigh area for less bulk and more comfort.

  • Hook knife location moved to the front of the legstrap junction for more accessibility and security.

  • Backpad redesigned, more padding where needed, innovative pocket location for tso data and packing data card 

  • Main pin flap cover easily replaceable. 

  • Mud flaps are lower profile and easily replaceable. 

  • Reduced bulk across the top of the shoulder for comfort 

  • Left side cutaway housing routed to the outside for improved geometry. 

  • Most refined magnetic riser cover design in the marketplace; secure consistent closing of riser covers. Magnets are field replaceable with no sewing.

  • Optional magnetic riser covers are freefly secure to 250 mph. For higher speeds, there is an option to add additional magnets, again in the field with no sewing.

  • If magnets are not preferred, Aerodyne has also reengineered the tuck tab riser covers.

  • New L models offer a 19 inch back pad in sizes I1 through I4, offering a narrower rig and a lower deployment handle. 

  • All Icon sizes have been sculpted for better fit and finish and ease of packing. 

  • Closing flap sequence on reserve flaps has changed, making for better geometry on the reserve ripcord pin and secure pin protection.

  • Reserve bag has extended tabs on the velcro closures to protect the lines from velcro hook exposure. 

  • Main deployment bag now has 3 grommets and inset line stows for a smoother canopy deployment.

  • Better access to install aad's and a no velcro lanyard for the rsl or skyhook. 

  • Improved protection of the reserve lines from velcro on the free bag. 

  • On the smaller Icons, Aerodyne has moved to a three grommet bag and pulled the stows inboard to make for a cleaner profile in the main container.

The Icon neXgen Pro is freefly friendly. The main risers and lines are guided into the main container with special “no catch” panels.

Most popular features are included in the base price, such as RSL, chest/hip rings, collapsible pilot chute with hackey/freefly handle, spacerfoam backpad and stainless steel hardware. 

In-stock Icon's with unfinished harnesses can be completed in two weeks. See the Aerodyne stock list for current sizes and color combinations. The stock container identifier can be entered in the box below.

To place an order for a custom or stock Icon neXgen Pro, use one of the Aerodyne Order links below:

Custom Design Icon neXgen Order Form

Icon neXgen Stock List

You can then add it to your online cart on Aerodyne's site and proceed through check out process and clicking "Send to Distributor" for the check out method. Choose AR0135 - Chuting Star Rigging Loft as the distributor.

Or your can fill-in those colors on the Icon order form downloaded from this link:

Icon neXgen Order Form

Upload the completed order form with your online order at the file upload link.

Either method, once the order is submitted, we will contact you to review the order, make any necessary changes and give you the final price with options/shipping. Payment can be made either through adding this Icon neXgen Pro to your online cart with payment, or via phone with a credit card or by wire transfer. Contact us if you have any questions.

Detail Information

Articulation AvailabilityChest & Hip
Padding Options AvailableSpacerfoam Padding
Chest Strap Widths AvailableType 17 Narrow 1", Type 8 Wide 1 23/32"
Cutaway Handles AvailablePillow
External AAD WindowYes
Fabrics AvailableCordura 1000
Hardware Type AvailabilityStainless Steel
Main Deployment Handles AvailableFreefly Handle, Hackey
Reserve Handles AvailablePillow, Stainless D-Ring
Riser Cover Types AvailableMagnetic, Tuck Tab
Riser Hard Cable HousingsYes
Riser Sizes AvailableType 17 1" (mini-risers), Type 8 1 23/32" (wide risers)
RSL OptionsSkyhook RSL, Standard RSL
Toggle Types AvailableVelcro, Velcroless Trulock Straight Pin
Kill Line Pilot Chute AvailabilityIncluded
Hook Knife Pouch AvailabilityYes
Cut In Laterals AvailabilityYes
Name Embroidery AvailableYes (at extra charge)


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Icon neXgen Pro Skydiving Container (Stock 3 Weeks/Custom 12-14 Weeks)