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  1. Rawa Image Skydiving Helmet

    Rawa Image Skydiving Helmet


    RAWA's helmets are hands down the most comfortable in the skydiving industry. The Brazilian-based company manufactures the Rawa Image. This is an open-faced helmet with a chin-cup and two internal audible altimeter pockets. The RAWA Image comes with a helmet bag. These helmets are a perfect first helmet for any skydiver, especially if you think you may want to add a camera box in the future. The RAWA Image has a flat top and a smooth left side for RAWA camera box additions. Please select a color and size when ordering. Learn More
  2. Optik 210 Skydiving Camera Helmet

    Optik 210 Skydiving Camera Helmet


    The new 210 OPTIK Camer Helmet by Bonehead Composites. The 210 features a concealed chin cup which hides the ladder straps and mounting surfaces for the HypEye D Pro, X-Shut and most other mounts. Looking for an open-faced helmet to bolt all of your cameras to? The OPTIK 210 is the simple answer. Bonehead made the OPTIK 210 to be a great all around camera helmet with the ability to mount cameras either on the side or on the top or both! The OPTIK 210 also features a small lip on the back side of the side camera mounting platform to help deflect "Riser-Strike" and to help prevent the accidental loss of your camera, and the ability to put 1 or 2 audible altimeters on the inside of the helmet. Learn More
  3. CamX Skydiving Helmet

    CamX Skydiving Helmet

    Regular Price: $399

    Special Price $350

    The CamX by SkySystems USA is the latest camera helmet with a flat side, flat top and chincup. The CamX comes standard with the Poron XRD extreme impact protection liner. The lining is also anti-microbial, which means it eliminates 99% bacteria, mold and mildew which increases the longevity of the liner and decreases unwanted stains and odors. Learn More
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