1. Gath Audible Altimeter Bracket Kit

    Gath Audible Altimeter Bracket Kit


    Audible altimeter bracket kit for Sport Hat & Retractable Visor helmets by Gath. This bracket and cover for audible altimeters fits over right ear only. For Gath Sport Hat and Retractable Visor models. Learn More
  2. Gath Replacement Retractable Visor

    Gath Replacement Retractable Visor


    Full Visor Replacement lenses for the Gath Full Retractable Visored Helmet. Learn More
  3. Goggle Strap Retainer Kit

    Goggle Strap Retainer Kit


    This Goggle Strap Retainer Kit is manufactured by Gath for its full line of helmets, such as the Sport Hat, Gedi Convertible and Surf Convertible. Can also be installed on any skydiving helmet. The Goggle Strap Retainer Kit allows you secure your goggle strap to the back of your helmet. Kit includes sandwich Velcro retainer strap and two Gath screws. Installed in the back of any helmet with a drill and screwdriver. Learn More