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  1. Rawa Image Skydiving Helmet

    Rawa Image Skydiving Helmet


    RAWA's helmets are hands down the most comfortable in the skydiving industry. The Brazilian-based company manufactures the Rawa Image. This is an open-faced helmet with a chin-cup and two internal audible altimeter pockets. The RAWA Image comes with a helmet bag. These helmets are a perfect first helmet for any skydiver, especially if you think you may want to add a camera box in the future. The RAWA Image has a flat top and a smooth left side for RAWA camera box additions. Please select a color and size when ordering. Learn More
  2. Bonehead Flat-Top Narrow Skydiving Helmet

    Bonehead Flat-Top Narrow Skydiving Helmet


    The FLAT-TOP NARROW from Bonehead composites is the trimmed version of the famous FLAT-TOP PRO. The FLAT-TOP NARROW is a great all-around camera helmet for any discipline in skydiving. RW, freefly, tandem video or competition freestyle can be captured with your FLAT-TOP NARROW. This camera helmet is a rear-entry system to give the user better camera stability without sacrificing comfort. This NARROW version of the FLAT-TOP PRO has been made to allow the camera flyer less surface mounting availability and air drag but keeps the stability of the rear-entry configuration. The FLAT-TOP NARROW has plenty of space inside to run wiring, camera buttons, etc. to keep as much of the snagable surfaces to a minimum. You have the choice of where you would like a ring sight post placed. Learn More
  3. Bonehead Flat-Top Pro Skydiving Helmet

    Bonehead Flat-Top Pro Skydiving Helmet


    The FLAT-TOP PRO from Bonehead composites is flown by some of the top names in skydiving aerial photography. Norman Kent, Joe Jennings, and Michael McGowan all rely on their FLAT-TOP PRO camera helmets for their versatility, ability to mount multiple cameras and accessories as well as perfect stability and balance of weight. The FLAT-TOP PRO has tons of surface area for you to put almost anything on top of it. Learn More
  4. Bonehead Mantle Skydiving Helmet

    Bonehead Mantle Skydiving Helmet

    Regular Price: $665

    Special Price $400

    The Mantle camera helmet is the latest addition to the Bonehead Composites camera helmet arsenal. Bonehead combines the Flat-Top PRO, The Flat-Top Narrow and the BatRak for a camera helmet that has acres of mounting space on the top platform, rear entry and a stout chin for stability. Learn More
  5. Cookie M1 Freefly Skydiving Helmet

    Cookie M1 Freefly Skydiving Helmet

    Regular Price: $225

    Special Price $105

    The Cookie M1 is a low profile Skydiving helmet with a semi flexible shell design. This helmet is an all round comfortable solution no matter what your skydiving discipline. It gives you dual internal audible pockets, lower forehead design and a super comfortable liner in 6 different sizes. Key Features of the M1 include a light weight and strong carbon fiber construction weighing only 310 grams (11oz), lower forehead design for better comfort and fit, multiple shell sizes for better fit and dual audible altimeter pocket to protect you investment. Learn More
  6. Cookie MXV Camera Helmet

    Cookie MXV Camera Helmet

    Regular Price: $340

    Special Price $200

    The MXV Camera Helmet from Cookie Composites is an extremely light-weight and comfortable helmet. The MXV has dual audible altimeter pockets along with a flat top and side for camera mountings. Standard setup with this helmet is the Force Chincup. For those who want a cutaway system Cookie has an available option of one of the best integrated cutaway systems on the market. (This configuration can be ordered through our Build Your Own helmet section.) Learn More
  7. Cookie Ozone Skydiving Helmet

    Cookie Ozone Skydiving Helmet

    Regular Price: $285

    Special Price $150

    The Ozone open face helmet by Cookie Composites has the cool styling of the ROK, but the added feature of enclosed the ears, lowered forehead and the latest intelligent shock protection material d3o. The Ozone open face skydiving helmet boasts:
    • Carbon fibre outer shell and d3o (read more below) incorporated liner
    • High performance shell design with increased forehead protection
    • Dual internal audible altimeter pockets
    • Padded chinstrap
    • The ability to add a top-mount flatlock for camera mounting.

    The Ozone has the ability to transform into a fully-loaded camera mounting platform for a top-mounted video or still camera. Camera mounts, boxes and cutaway chincup are extra (see our Build Your Helmet section). Learn More
  8. Stock Tonfly Performer Audible Port Model Skydiving Helmet

    Stock Tonfly Performer Audible Port Model Skydiving Helmet


    Stock Audible Port Model Tonfly Performer Skydiving Helmet. This stock Tonfly Performer includes the cutaway buckle and audible ports on each side of the helmet and is in stock for immediate shipment from ChutingStar! Learn More
  9. Vapor Wes-Pro Skydiving Helmet

    Vapor Wes-Pro Skydiving Helmet

    Regular Price: $775

    Special Price $675

    The Vapor Wes Pro is built with ultra light weight composite construction. This offers superior strength and great durability. Learn More
  10. Half Shell Benny Skydiving Helmet

    Half Shell Benny Skydiving Helmet

    Regular Price: $51

    Special Price $26

    The Half Shell Benny is the half shell version of the Benny helmet. It is a perfect all-around helmet for the skydiver on a budget. This helmet was specifically made for skydivers at a low cost, yet high quality, with very unique features. The Half Shell Benny helmet by SkySystems is made with stainless steel hardware, Injection Molded High Impact ABS and a replaceable High Impact EVA foam liner designed specifically for skydiving. Learn More
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