1. Gath Sport Hat Helmet

    Gath Sport Hat Helmet


    The new Gath Sport Hat helmet, formerly known as the Pro Surf, has a new look that features new and improved foam forehead protection with fine-tuning fit options. Long favored for its simplicity, low volume, excellent head and ear coverage, it is the favorite of many skydivers. Learn More
  2. Gath Full Retractable Visor Helmet

    Gath Full Retractable Visor Helmet


    The Gath with Retractable Visor (RV) has long been favored by skydivers for the pull-down visor for wind, sun and face protection. The visor is infinitely adjustable and blocks more than 98% of UV light. Audio vents are fully adjustable. Learn More
  3. Gath Gedi Convertible Helmet

    Gath Gedi Convertible Helmet

    Regular Price: $149

    Special Price $79

    The Gath Gedi Convertible meets the European whitewater helmet CE EN 1385 standard, having met all of the requirements for field of vision, extent of coverage, shock absorbing capacity, retention system performance, buoyancy and durability. It is a great helmet for extreme kayaking, kiteboarding and skydiving. Learn More
  4. Gath Surf Convertible Helmet

    Gath Surf Convertible Helmet

    Regular Price: $119

    Special Price $69

    The Surf Convertible's light weight, comfort and low-profile design make it a great choice for skydivers looking for a half-shell helmet. This model features foam forehead coverage that adds additional protection. Flexible ear protectors automatically adapt to your face size and shape, and are removable to suit temperature or user preference, and audio vents are fully adjustable. Fit can be customized with comfort strips to achieve a fit that offers maximum comfort and stability. Learn More
  5. Gath Audible Altimeter Bracket Kit

    Gath Audible Altimeter Bracket Kit


    Audible altimeter bracket kit for Sport Hat & Retractable Visor helmets by Gath. This bracket and cover for audible altimeters fits over right ear only. For Gath Sport Hat and Retractable Visor models. Learn More
  6. Gath Replacement Retractable Visor

    Gath Replacement Retractable Visor


    Full Visor Replacement lenses for the Gath Full Retractable Visored Helmet. Learn More
  7. Goggle Strap Retainer Kit

    Goggle Strap Retainer Kit


    This Goggle Strap Retainer Kit is manufactured by Gath for its full line of helmets, such as the Sport Hat, Gedi Convertible and Surf Convertible. Can also be installed on any skydiving helmet. The Goggle Strap Retainer Kit allows you secure your goggle strap to the back of your helmet. Kit includes sandwich Velcro retainer strap and two Gath screws. Installed in the back of any helmet with a drill and screwdriver. Learn More