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  1. Bonehead Mantle Skydiving Helmet

    Bonehead Mantle Skydiving Helmet

    Regular Price: $665

    Special Price $300

    The Mantle camera helmet is the latest addition to the Bonehead Composites camera helmet arsenal. Bonehead combines the Flat-Top PRO, The Flat-Top Narrow and the BatRak for a camera helmet that has acres of mounting space on the top platform, rear entry and a stout chin for stability. Learn More
  2. Bonehead Flat-Top Pro Skydiving Helmet

    Bonehead Flat-Top Pro Skydiving Helmet


    The FLAT-TOP PRO from Bonehead composites is flown by some of the top names in skydiving aerial photography. Norman Kent, Joe Jennings, and Michael McGowan all rely on their FLAT-TOP PRO camera helmets for their versatility, ability to mount multiple cameras and accessories as well as perfect stability and balance of weight. The FLAT-TOP PRO has tons of surface area for you to put almost anything on top of it. Learn More
  3. Bonehead Flat-Top Narrow Skydiving Helmet

    Bonehead Flat-Top Narrow Skydiving Helmet


    The FLAT-TOP NARROW from Bonehead composites is the trimmed version of the famous FLAT-TOP PRO. The FLAT-TOP NARROW is a great all-around camera helmet for any discipline in skydiving. RW, freefly, tandem video or competition freestyle can be captured with your FLAT-TOP NARROW. This camera helmet is a rear-entry system to give the user better camera stability without sacrificing comfort. This NARROW version of the FLAT-TOP PRO has been made to allow the camera flyer less surface mounting availability and air drag but keeps the stability of the rear-entry configuration. The FLAT-TOP NARROW has plenty of space inside to run wiring, camera buttons, etc. to keep as much of the snagable surfaces to a minimum. You have the choice of where you would like a ring sight post placed. Learn More
  4. Optik 210 Skydiving Camera Helmet

    Optik 210 Skydiving Camera Helmet


    The new 210 OPTIK Camer Helmet by Bonehead Composites. The 210 features a concealed chin cup which hides the ladder straps and mounting surfaces for the HypEye D Pro, X-Shut and most other mounts. Looking for an open-faced helmet to bolt all of your cameras to? The OPTIK 210 is the simple answer. Bonehead made the OPTIK 210 to be a great all around camera helmet with the ability to mount cameras either on the side or on the top or both! The OPTIK 210 also features a small lip on the back side of the side camera mounting platform to help deflect "Riser-Strike" and to help prevent the accidental loss of your camera, and the ability to put 1 or 2 audible altimeters on the inside of the helmet. Learn More
  5. Bonehead Rev2 Skydiving Helmet

    Bonehead Rev2 Skydiving Helmet


    Introducing the second generation of The REvolve: the Rev2! Learn More
  6. Bonehead AERO Skydiving Helmet

    Bonehead AERO Skydiving Helmet


    Introducing the new standard in quality head gear: the Bonehead AERO Skydiving Helmet! Bonehead Composites is proud to introduce the new full face AERO helmet! Six months of intense design work went into the design of this full face helmet from Bonehead Composites. Learn More
  7. Bonehead X-Sport Skydiving Helmet

    Bonehead X-Sport Skydiving Helmet


    Bonehead X-Sport Skydiving Helmet. Need a great lightweight headgear and the ability to add cameras? X-Sport is your answer; featuring a Therma-Fit liner, dual internal audible pockets, and the new Bonehead chin strap assembly. The X-Sport, which now replaces the All Sport, is a sleek, tuned headgear for any discipline. Also features a low profile molded platform for your GoPro or other camera apparatus. Learn More
  8. Bonehead Cordura Two-Helmet Carry Bag

    Bonehead Cordura Two-Helmet Carry Bag


    Bonehead Cordura Helmet Carry Bag. Bonehead's Cordura Helmet and Accessory Bag has ample amount of space for a Bonehead full-faced helmet and a Bonehead open-faced helmet in the large pocket, which is also large enough to hold a Bonehead Flat Top Camera Helmet. Learn More
  9. Bonehead Curved GoPro Quick Release Mount

    Bonehead Curved GoPro Quick Release Mount


    Bonehead Curved GoPro Quick Release Mount. Introducing the Curved GoPro Quick Release Mount for the Aero and other helmets with a curved surface! Learn More
  10. Bonehead Drawstring Helmet Bag

    Bonehead Drawstring Helmet Bag


    Soft Bonehead Drawstring Helmet Bag for your helmet. This helmet bag from Bonehead is a great carry bag and inexpensive protection for your helmet investment. Fits most helmets. Learn More
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