1. Sky Shot EVO Skydiving Helmet

    Sky Shot EVO Skydiving Helmet


    Sky Shot EVO Helmet by SkySystems USA. The carbon fibre shell of the EVO has evolved from the original Sky Shot helmet and is designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. Using in-depth user research the shell has been optimised for use by all skydivers as a lightweight helmet and camera helmet. Learn More
  2. CamX Skydiving Helmet

    CamX Skydiving Helmet

    Regular Price: $399

    Special Price $350

    The CamX by SkySystems USA is the latest camera helmet with a flat side, flat top and chincup. The CamX comes standard with the Poron XRD extreme impact protection liner. The lining is also anti-microbial, which means it eliminates 99% bacteria, mold and mildew which increases the longevity of the liner and decreases unwanted stains and odors. Learn More
  3. Edge Skydiving Helmet

    Edge Skydiving Helmet

    Regular Price: $293

    Special Price $250

    The Edge by SkySystems USA is a great first helmet for a skydiver as the versatility of it's design allows it to be used as a standard open-face helmet with padded chin-strap. But later on, or for the expert skydiver, it can be expanded to become a top-mounted video helmet setup with addition of a chincup. Learn More
  4. Vapor Mid Skydiving Helmet

    Vapor Mid Skydiving Helmet


    The Vapor MID is the latest camera helmet in the evolution of the Vapor series. The MID is just what the name suggests, middle. The top plate is wide enough to fit 2 CX camera boxes, or one plus a GoPro...many options are there. The Vapor MID features our new ladder strap protection and cover plus the vapor series newly updated shape. With cleaner lines and is mroe refined. This again updates a classic. Learn More
  5. Vapor Wes-Pro Skydiving Helmet

    Vapor Wes-Pro Skydiving Helmet


    The Vapor Wes Pro is built with ultra light weight composite construction. This offers superior strength and great durability. Learn More
  6. NVertigo-V Skydiving Helmet

    NVertigo-V Skydiving Helmet

    Regular Price: $335

    Special Price $175

    The NVertigo-V is a versatile camera helmet from SkySystems USA. This unique camera helmet has flat mounting surfaces on the right, left and top. Learn More