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Comp Velocity (Custom in 13 weeks)

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The new Comp Velocity from Performance Designs. Complete with removable deployment system and 300 HMA.

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PD Comp Velocity: Contact us if you need additional canopy information or help with choosing the correct type and size of canopy before placing the order online.

The new Comp Velocity from Performance Designs. Complete with removable deployment system and 300 or 500 Orange Vectran suspension lines with 750 for the lower steering lines. Optional configuration available for everyday use with 500 HMA and standard collapsible slider.

The new Orange Vectran from PD yields a longer line life than HMA line previously used on the Comp Velocity, is smaller in size/diameter than comparable sized HMA and Is more resistant to abrasion and maintains its strength better than comparable sized HMA.

Immediately after the release of the Velocity in 1999, PD continued its research on design technology with the goal of exceeding what they had accomplished with the Velocity. PD thought "out of the box" on much of the research, changing stabilizers or eliminating them altogether, adding two to four cells, trying new bracing technology, new airfoils and planform shapes. Many of these changes did improve performance, and to put it mildly, some didn't. The culmination of those last ten years of research and development has brought on the release of the Competition Velocity.

Highlights include Low Drag Line attachment points, Low-Profile PCA, 300/500 Orange Vectran or 500 HMA, RDS or Collapsible Slider and performance improvements in the design. This is not a replacement of the Velocity, but a higher-performance canopy with extra standard features for competition canopy pilots. With the standard setup of 500 HMA line and Collapsible Slider, the Comp Velocity has shown to be a step up for everyday Velocity pilots looking for a bit more performance. The openings are easier and have less “side to side” vibration during the snivel, the rear risers are more responsive, and the toggles produce better slow flight characteristics which leads to longer swoops and softer touchdowns.

Available in sizes of 71, 79, 84, 90, 96, 103 and 111 square feet.

Note size and/or stock identifier. For custom colors, submit your custom order form either e-mail to, fax at 770-445-4099 or through PD's online custom color program at this link.

The RDS Operatinal Instructional Manual can be downloaded here.

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Additional Info

Manufacturer Performance Designs
Cell Count 21 chamber X-braced tri-cell
Crew Lineset Available No
Fabric Type ZP
Line Types 350 HMA
Links Slinks
Performance Advanced
Shape Elliptical
Slider Grommets Stainless
Slider Types Collapsible
Canopy Type Main
Colors Available No

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