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GoPro Gooseneck
Garmin VIRB Elite Dark Action Cam
GoPro HERO3/3+ Blackout Housing
Wasabi GoPro HERO3/3+ Dual Battery Wall, Auto Charger + 2 Batteries
Sony AS100 POV Action Cam
Sony AS100 POV Action Cam with Live View Remote
Bonehead Rev2 Contour Rail Helmet Mount
SkySystems USA Large Gear Bag
Garmin VIRB Dive Case Replacement Lens
Garmin VIRB Dive Case
Sony Action Cam Roll Bar Mount
Sony Action Cam Chest Mount Harness
Bonehead Rev2 GoPro Helmet Mount
GoPro Black Battery BacPac Limited Edition
ChutingStar GoPro HERO3+ Housing Wrap
GoPro HERO3/3+ Slim Standard Waterproof Housing
Sony Action Cam Car Charger Kit
Sony Action Cam Universal Head Mount Kit
Sony Action Cam Live View Remote
Drift Ghost-S Action Camera
Sony AS30 GPS Wi-Fi Action Cam with Live View Remote
G3/G2 Dual Camera Mounting Platform
GOAL ZERO Switch 8 Recharger
GOAL ZERO Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit
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Camera Gear

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  • Zkulls CX110/150 Cage

    Zkulls CX110/150 Cage


    The Zkulls Cage for the CX110/115/150/155 range of cameras provides great protection for the camera while allowing access to the SD card slot on the bottom of the camera.

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  • Zkulls Wedge Mount

    Zkulls Wedge Mount


    The Zkulls Wedge Mount gives you that steeper camera angle needed for filming freeflier formations. Zkulls originally designed the Wedge Mount for Freefly Babylon. The wedge allowes to pitch the camera angle 15 degrees steeper. Filming from below (vertical relative work) is now much easier as the camera flyer can keep his body position and doesn't have to look back up towards the formation.

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  • Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate

    Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate


    The Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate allows you to attach two GoPro cameras to the front of an Overkill Pro. It can also be used independently if attached to the flat front of a helmet such as a Bonehead Flat Top Pro. The Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate can be attached to the insert of your Overkill Pro. Or you can purchase an additional insert so you can do a quick change on the front of the Overkill Pro. The two GoPro cameras are secured through the front mounts of the Zkulls GoPro Twin Plate and further secured by a bungee strap. The mount is secured to a Zkulls Attachment Insert with 4 screws (included). A Zkulls insert is not included. If adding a new insert, check to see if you have an Overkill with a Zkulls TM attachment (gold) or a Zkulls 3N attachment (silver).

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  • Zkulls Anti Twist Adapter

    Zkulls Anti Twist Adapter


    The Zkulls Anti Twist adapter allows you to fix the heading of your top-mounted video camera. It comes with a camera screw and a second secure pin to avoid involuntary twists of the camera position. This adapter mounts inside the ZkullsTM attachment system. For installation no tools or additional holes are needed.

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  • Zkulls3N Attachment System

    Zkulls3N Attachment System


    The Zkulls3N is the updated and improved version of the original ZkullsTM mount system used by thousands of skydivers worldwide. The flush-mounting system of the Zkulls3N is like no other. The new Zkulls3N, with a brushed aluminum finish, is manufactured on high-precision CNC machinery in Germany. To increase precision, apart from new machinery, the Zkulls3N now has 3 guiding slide wings instead of only 2 from the earlier ZkullsTM model. The face of the 3N insert has changed and the holes are placed in a way that video and stills cameras can be screwed on in multiple ways. An anti-twist pin can simply be screwed through the insert without any additional plate. The Zkulls3N is replacing the ZkullsTM after 7 years of production. It allows a flush mounting to any flat side or flat top surface of your camera helmet.

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  • Zkulls HERO Overkill Slim Mount

    Zkulls HERO Overkill Slim Mount


    The HERO Overkill Slim Mount by Zkulls is more suited to smaller top-mounted cameras and/or helmets with smaller flap spots on top.

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  • Zkulls Dual Mount

    Zkulls Dual Mount


    The Zkulls Dual Mount is a combined top mounted video (or stills) platform with front mounted bracket for stills cameras. The solid 3 mm aluminium plate/bracket construction, click-connected by a ZkullsTM, holds heavier camera models secure and stable. Various slots permit to adjust aluminium blocks to fix the exact heading of your camera. The complete plate can slide forwards and backwards to easily fit all ZkullsTM equipped helmets. Clean cable routing: The bite switch cable can be routed through the ZkullsTM inserts. The obvious beauty of this system is its flexibility. Especially for those video/photographers that prefer top-mounted cameras. Just video, only photo, photo and video or no camera at all. The configuration can be changed within seconds with highest precision. Color: Aluminium. ChutingStar stocks the Zkulls Dual Mount for immediate shipment.

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  • Zkulls HERO Overkill PRO Mount

    Zkulls HERO Overkill PRO Mount


    This is the PRO version of the Zkulls HERO Overkill Mount, and features the added front-mounted Zkulls Attachment System for easy removal/install of you GoPro. The Zkulls HERO Overkill PRO comes with a front mounted Zkulls Attachment system installed.

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  • Zkulls Stills Switch Bracket

    Zkulls Stills Switch Bracket

    Regular Price: $94.00

    Special Price $49.00

    The Zkulls Still Switch Mounting Bracket is suitable for stills cameras. Made from 3 mm aluminum with an additional reinforcement plate to securely hold a stills camera in horizontal or vertical format. Velcro strap keeps the lens straight in place.

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  • Zkulls iPhone iMount

    Zkulls iPhone iMount


    The Zkulls iMount allows you to mount your iPhone on your helmet. Just for fun? Yes...and much, much more! With iPhone application "ivariometer" you can revise and record your wingsuit, canopy or paramotor flight on the google earth background...genius!

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