Brent's 1/4" Cross Sight

Brent's 1/4" Cross Sight

Brent's 1/4" Cross Sight
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Brent's Cross Sight. This 1/4" sight is manufactured by Brent Finley and is known as the best made cross sight in the world.

Brent's Concentric Sight uses a stack of optics that are: Glass, Polarizer, Calcite, Polarizer, Glass. The optics are covered with glass and assembled inside an anodized aluminum bezel. This allows you to use a t-shirt or other soft cotton cloth to clean the surface of your sight. All the other cross sights on the market leave the polarizer material exposed and it is a relatively soft plastic which scratches easily. You don't have to worry about the durability of this sight. It will last for many years.

The shaft comes off to allow you to custom cut the shaft without endangering the optics. Once the shaft is cut to size, you should tighten the bezel down to the shaft. After you have mounted the sight, you may wish to change the orientation of the optics. Depending on the orientation of your installation, the pattern may not be square with your helmet. Also, some camera flyers prefer a vertical pattern and other a diagonal pattern. Both are possible with Brent's Cross Sight.

These sights have a threaded retaining ring and rubber o-ring that keep the optics in place. With a small straight blade screwdriver simply loosen the retaining ring about 1/4 turn. Then grab the entire stack of optics by placing your thumb in the middle of the glass on one side, and place your index finger in the middle of the glass on the other side. Squeeze the optics and turn them as one unit. Since there are two glass layers surrounding a custom laminated polarizer stack, you want to turn them as one unit so you don’t scratch the polarizer laminate. Turn the optic to where you want it and tighten the retaining ring back to the original position.

To complete the setup, you will want the 1/4" x 1/4" swivel clamp, Removable Articulating Ringsight Holder and/or a Helmet Post from

Brent's Cross Sight is always in stock at ChutingStar!

Detail Information

Post Size1/4"
View PatternCrosshairs
Hardware IncludedHardware not included
Material CompositionGlass, Polarizer, Calcite, Polarizer, Glass. Assembled inside an anodized aluminum bezel.


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Brent's 1/4" Cross Sight