Body Flight Exercises DVD

Body Flight Exercises DVD

Body Flight Exercises DVD
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The new Body Flight Exercises DVD!

Improve your flight with this interactive DVD from Joao Tombar. This DVD focuses on body flight skills through a detailed fitness workout. This program will help you improve your flexibility, muscle tone, body awareness and help improve your calm state of mind.

The detailed workout includes:

  • Breathing exercises

  • Body posture exercises

  • Yoga

  • Stretching

  • Workout

  • Visualization 

  • Meditation

Perfect for all levels of flying experience. Divide your workout into multiple days, or do it once a week or as you have time.

The unique part of the Body Flight Exercise program is that it uses the visualization of skydiving as motivation to execute physical exercises. It is a way to distract your busy mind with a sensation of flying as you improve your state of mind.

Sponsored by SunPath, Performance Designs, Larsen & Brusgaard and Skydive University.

The Body Flight Exercises DVD includes nearly one hour of instruction material with multi-language audio and subtitles.

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Body Flight Exercises DVD