1. Optima LED Indicator

    Optima LED Indicator


    The Optima LED Indicator by Hypoxic. This visual indicator is designed to work with the Larsen & Brusgaard Optima audible altimeter as well as the Optima II with Visual Warning Port. Note: All original Optima audibles had the Visual Warning Port but with the Optima II you must have purchased a unit with with the Visual Warning port to be able to use this indicator. Visually signify altitude warnings with this Hypoxic custom Optima and Optima II indicator system. This cable is encapsulated in a very high tear strength, impact resistance and wear resistance urethane resin. The active area is bendable and the super bright LED (2600 mcd) is side visible up to 120 degrees. The unit mounts in the helmet forehead area and can be formed to contour the face. The LED is meant to be positioned just above the eye and not pointed into the eye. Learn More
  2. HypEye D Pro Expansion Kit

    HypEye D Pro Expansion Kit


    This expansion kit allows users to: While recording, capture still pictures onto your camcorder by using an external switch (Standard 2.5mm bite or tongue switch will work); Use your camcorder as a dedicated still camera; Interface to L&B Optima audible for visual altitude warning indication; Custom push button interface; and Includes the HYPEYE D PRO DEBRIEF CABLE. Learn More