1. Hypoxic Optima LED Indicator

    Hypoxic Optima LED Indicator


    The Optima LED Indicator by Hypoxic. This visual indicator is designed to work with the Larsen & Brusgaard Optima audible altimeter as well as the Optima II with Visual Warning Port. Note: All original Optima audibles had the Visual Warning Port but with the Optima II you must have purchased a unit with with the Visual Warning port to be able to use this indicator. Learn More
  2. HypEye D Pro Expansion Kit

    HypEye D Pro Expansion Kit


    This expansion kit allows users to: While recording, capture still pictures onto your camcorder by using an external switch (Standard 2.5mm bite or tongue switch will work); Use your camcorder as a dedicated still camera; Interface to L&B Optima audible for visual altitude warning indication; Custom push button interface; and Includes the HYPEYE D PRO DEBRIEF CABLE. Learn More