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  1. Alti-2 N3 N3A Emergency Charger

    Alti-2 N3 N3A Emergency Charger


    The Atli-2 Emergency Charger will charge the N3 or N3Audio if you need a quick charge before a skydive. A male mini-USB cable is included to fit the N3 and the N3Audio (as well as certain mobile phones, for instance). The emergency charger operates with either an AA Alkaline battery or an AA Lithium battery (longer use). The battery is not included. A standard alkaline AA battery will fully charge your N3 twice. The Alti-2 Emergency Charger is available in black only from ChutingStar. It is small, portable, and easy to use (a red diode on the top end of the device will indicate when the charger is charging). This is a perfect skydiving present and a practical companion on the DZ for any skydiver jumping the N3 or N3Audio. Please note that if your N3 or N3Audio battery is completely empty you should plug in the emergency charger and bring the unit back to life BEFORE you take off. Learn More
  2. Altimaster II Altimeter

    Altimaster II Altimeter


    The Altimaster II altimeter by Alti-2. This large-dial altimeter has been a mainstay of the skydiving industry. The Altimaster II was originally designed by Stephen L. Snyder almost 50 years ago. The Altimaster face is internationally recognized. Learn More
  3. Altimaster Galaxy Altimeter

    Altimaster Galaxy Altimeter


    The Altimaster Galaxy is the industry standard for visual analog altimeters. This altimeter by Alti-2 includes a wrist strap with finger-loop. The altimeter features a field-replaceable screw-on lens. Learn More
  4. N3 Visual Audible Altimeter

    N3 Visual Audible Altimeter


    The N3 is our most popular "all-in-one" digital visual and audible altimeter. The N3 features an anodized aluminum case, rechargeable battery, mini-USB connection, rugged glass lens and is waterproof. The N3 stores 2500 summary logs and 200 detailed logs. The N3 has 8 selectable alarm groups and allows you to customize your alarm tones and independently set measurement units. Learn More
  5. Alti-2 1" Velcro Hand Strap

    Alti-2 1" Velcro Hand Strap


    1" Velcro wrist strap for Altimaster Galaxy and Neptune hand mounts. This can also be used on other common hand mount altimeters from Viplo, Larsen & Brusgaard and Parasport Italia. Learn More
  6. Neptune Goodie Bag

    Neptune Goodie Bag


    This Goodie Bag is for the Neptune and Neptune2 altimeters. It includes a wrist mount, hand mount, wrist strap, O-ring, screws, washers, helmet clip and ties. The Goodie Bag for the Neptune is in stock for immediate shipment from ChutingStar! Learn More
  7. Neptune Screen Protectors

    Neptune Screen Protectors


    Neptune Screen Protectors help prevent scratches to your Neptune's display. The Neptune Screen Protector is a self adhesive vinyl overlay that protects the screen from scratches and dings, when the overlay gets damaged, just peel it off and apply a new one. Six screen protectors are included in each package. These screen protectors are in stock for immediate delivery from ChutingStar. Learn More
  8. Altimaster II U-Bracket Kit with Velcro Wrist Strap

    Altimaster II U-Bracket Kit with Velcro Wrist Strap


    This is the U-Bracket Kit with Velcro Wrist Strap for the Altimaster II. The kit includes 2 U-Brackets, 4 screws and a Velcro Wrist Strap. Can also be used on the Altitude Awareness Trainer. Learn More
  9. Altimaster II U-Brackets + Screws

    Altimaster II U-Brackets + Screws


    These are the U-Brackets and Screws for the Altimaster II altimeter. Learn More
  10. Atlas Visual Audible Altimeter

    Atlas Visual Audible Altimeter


    Atlas Visual Audible Skydiving Altimeter. Atlas has all the proven functionality of N3 with reduced edges and corners, along with a ruggedized machined aluminum case. USB charging and data transfer has been improved through an upgraded Micro USB port. Learn More
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