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Stealth Black Altitrack Skydiving Altimeter & Logbook
WRYD GoPro iPhone Portable Power Pack
Viplo V.10 Limited Edition Analog Skydiving Altimeter
Chroma Visual Altitude Indicator
Alti-2 Altimaster Wrist Watch
Birdman Skydiver Black/Red Watch
Birdman Skydiver Black/White Watch
Birdman Skydiver Black/Black Watch
Birdman Aviator GMT Black/Black Watch
Birdman B.A.S.E. Chronograph Black/Black Watch
GOAL ZERO Switch 8 Recharger
GOAL ZERO Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit
GOAL ZERO Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit
Replacement Electro-Precis Viplo FT40 Lens
Garmin Foretrex 401 Wrist-Mount GPS
Cookie FlySight Mount
Suunto Ambit2 S Altimeter Watch
Suunto Ambit2 Altimeter Watch
Combo GoPro Remote/Viso II Elastic Wrist Mount
Cookie Fuel Audible Mount Spare Parts Kit
EVO FlySight Mount
Altitrack Mounting Kit for Wedge Altimeter Mount
Replacement Battery Door, Seal for SoloII, VisoII, OptimaII, Quattro

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  • Aeronaut Sport Altimeter

    Aeronaut Sport Altimeter


    The Aeronaut Sport altimeter is ParaSport Italia's popular and trusted analog altimeter. It features a very comfortable hand or wrist mount design. The Aeronaut Sport altimeter also features a secondary ring of numbers to 18,000 feet.

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  • Altitron Hand Mount Strap

    Altitron Hand Mount Strap


    Optional hand mount strap for the Altitron altimeter. Includes hand mount with fingerloop and wrist Velcro strap. ChutingStar stocks the Altitron hand mount for immediate shipment.

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  • Skytronic GFX PC Interface

    Skytronic GFX PC Interface


    This is the software and cable to download your information from your Skytronic GFX to your computer logbook. Includes USB connection, software and Paralog license. This also works for the older Skytronic FX unit.

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  • Altitron Digital Skydiving Altimeter

    Altitron Digital Skydiving Altimeter


    The Altitron Digital Altimeter by ParaSport Italia is an advanced instrument offering new functions, but has been designed for ease of use. Its back-lighted, high-contrast display, has been specifically developed to be clearly readable in all lighting conditions, while the compact and ergonomic case allows the unit to be used on wrist, hand or inside the transparent arm pocket of your jumpsuit. The Altitron comes setup as a wrist mount or hand mount with fingerloop from the factory. Also for those who buy the Wrist Mount, an optional spare hand mount strap with fingerloop can be added from if you want to switch the mount at any time.

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  • NeoXs Audible Altimeter

    NeoXs Audible Altimeter


    This audible altimeter is the latest technology in the family of electronic instruments built by Parasport Italia.

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