Alti-2 N3 & Atlas Hard Mount

Alti-2 N3 & Atlas Hard Mount

Alti-2 N3 & Atlas Hard Mount
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The Hard Mount by Alti-2 for the N3 & Atlas altimeters.

The Hard Mount is a sturdy, aluminum and plastic case that works with both wrist and hand mounts. You can quickly change straps or mounting positions by simply loosening the screws; it’s like having two different mounts for the price of one! 

This mount works with both the N3 and Atlas altimeters.

Note: Wrist and Hand straps not included. This is for the mount only. The wrist velcro strap, hand mount with fingerloop and 1" velcro straps are available separately through ChutingStar.

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weak plastic
I've had two of these mounts break and without even putting one jump on either one. I've been careful to not over tighten the screws. The plastic is very cheap and not worth the risk to loose a $350+ altimeter. Either Alti2 needs to up their quality control or I suggest buying a different brand Altimeter since you'r bound to lose yours as I have done once already with the gel N3 mount.
Review by Terry / (Posted on 9/18/2017)
Protect your expensive N3 altimeter with this well made case.
Rocking a sexy anodized aluminum N3 on your wrist is great, but the harsh reality of airplanes, skydives, landings, and rides back to the packing area mean that you're likely to scratch that altimeter or shatter the screen. This hard mount solves the scratching problem, and adding a screen guard (available elsewhere) makes this mount the bees knees.
Review by Zen Monkey / (Posted on 11/3/2015)
Alti-2 N3 & Atlas Hard Mount
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