Atlas Screen Protector

Atlas Screen Protector

Atlas Screen Protector
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Atlas Screen Protector.

This protector is a hard clear acrylic material that sits on top of your altimeter to protect the screen from accidental impact damage.

This protector must be used with the Elastic Wrist Band because it is held in place by the mount. Just place the protector on top of the altimeter and slide into the mount. 

Sized to fit only the Alti-2 Atlas digital altimeters and only works when used with the Elastic Wrist Band. The thickness of the protector does cause the charging hole in the mount to not line up, but you can still access the charging port under the side of the mount.

Made of 1/16" clear acrylic.

Skydiver manufactured and tested since 2016.

Note: Includes one protector. Altimeter and elastic wrist strap not included, but available separately. Photos for demonstration of install and use.

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Great Product - Awesome Customer Service
This screen protector effectively serves the purpose of minimizing the risk for scratching or breaking the screen of the Atlas, while it is in the Elastic Wrist Mount. It is thick enough that a direct impact to the screen of the Atlas will potentially crack the screen protector, while keeping the far more expensive Atlas screen intact.

As a note, it is designed to be placed on top of the altimeter inside of the wrist mount, without sticking to the Atlas itself, in the event that anyone else, like me, tries to figure out why there isn’t a sticky side. Because it is intended to be a bit thicker than the standard screen protector, you will have to pull the Atlas out of the wrist mount to charge it, but I already have to do that without the screen in place, so this really doesn’t impact functionality at all. Overall, this screen protector is a great way to protect the Atlas during any inadvertent smashing of your wrist...your arm might hurt, but your altimeter should be fine.

Beyond the specifics of this product, I would also like to note that the customer service at ChutingStar, and as provided by the manufacturer of this product, has been excellent. The first version of this product that I purchased was advertised to fit the N3 and Atlas, but was a little too big for the Atlas. I decided I could make it fit the Atlas and then managed to destroy the screen protector in the process of trying to cut it to be small enough to fit into the Atlas wrist mount. ChutingStar addressed the dimension issue within a few hours of having it brought to their attention. The manufacturer revised the original N3-sized screen protector to a new version that better fits the Atlas and sent me the newly designed version in less than two weeks. The exceptionally timely response to my concern was impressive, and certainly inspires confidence in the quality of customer service provided when purchasing through this site.
Review by Melissa / (Posted on 7/4/2018)
Atlas Screen Protector
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