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AeroSports NoStoBag Main Deployment Bag

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The AeroSports custom main deployment bag for any container!

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The AeroSports custom main deployment bag for any container!

The AeroSports NoStoBag features only two bag closing stows and a free-line stowage pouch. The line pouch is held closed with two efficient & easy to close tuck-tabs.

The NoStoBag is a custom-built d-bag that is built in accordance with the dimensional requirements of your main container and canopy size.

What current users of the NoStoBag say:

"Bag is awesome; I love it!!"

"The NoStoBag is very easy to pack. Once you use it, you won't go back to the old style bag."

See the two main deployment bag types in the photos and determine your bag type. Enter in the measurements in the appropriate text boxes above.

Turnaround time is approximately 1 week plus shipping time to you. Color of the NoStoBag is only available in 500 denier black cordura. 

Here are additional ordering notes on the two bag types:

  • A Type 1 is used in rigs such as Vector & Javelin. 
  • A Type 2 is used in rigs such as Mirage & Infinity.
  • The difference from a Type 1 to a Type 2 is that the Type 2 is slanted forward at the top of the bag.
  • On the Type 2 bag, as regards the dimension 2B, measure along the seam.
  • It is important that all measurements include the binding tape. Most main deployment bags built today have the binding tape on the inside, which means you will need to turn the bag inside out and then measure it.
  • It is important to take the measurements with the main canopy out of the d-bag. 

You can also submit your order by dowloading the Order Forms below and e-mail or faxing them to ChutingStar.

ChutingStar Gear Order Form

AeroSports NoStoBag Type 1

AeroSports NoStoBag Type 2

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Review by Eskydive
Love my NoStoBag!! Not only does it make packing a lot easier and quicker, openings feel much smoother. The rocking back and forth of my old rubberband stow bag as it came out of my container before releasing my parachute often led to a little worry. Would it come out smoothly, on heading, and not in line twists, not to mention the added time it takes to come unstowed could be enough time to go from good body position to bad. With the NoStoBag, the lines come out smoothly and quickly and my parachute opens on heading pretty much every time. I got this bag mainly for wingsuiting. I was having a lot of line twists due to bad body position right after deployment. Deploying in a wingsuit causes a huge pendulum effect so to avoid that I often try to orient my body to a more upright position right after I release my pilot chute. With my rubber band stow bag, it was pretty much a guaranteed line twist. Not with the NoStoBag. I have done roughly 40 wingsuit jumps with my NoStoBag and had 2 line twists. With my old d-bag, I I would get line twists every 3 or 4 jumps. (Posted on 11/5/2012)

1 Item(s)

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Manufacturer AeroSports USA

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