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  • PS3 Integral Skydiving Goggle

    PS3 Integral Skydiving Goggle


    The new PS3 Integral Goggle by ParaSport Italia. The PS3 is made of an integral lens with unique, high-quality features and allows an unobstructed field of vision.

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  • Silirings Stow Bands

    Silirings Stow Bands


    Silirings stow bands by ParaSport Italia. Silrings are round silicone stow bands and come 15 to a pack in a single size. Silirings work great on HMA, Vectran and Spectra line because of how small they are in circumference. See the chart for the best size for your canopy. Most of the time combining two sizes works best with using a larger size for the first one or two locking stows and then a smaller size for the remainder. Silirings are silicone stow bands for your suspension lines. They have been tested in the field using extreme jumping conditions and the results have been spectacular. Silicone has proven to be far superior to other products when used in adverse skydiving environments -- hot/cold/dry/humid. They do not get sticky or dirty and have a comfortable elasticity. Though they seem to be pricey initially, they will last for an indefinite number of jumps when used in normal jumping conditions and quickly pay for themselves with ease of use and low maintenance. Available in sizes of 1, 2 and 3 at ChutingStar. All three sizes in stock for immediate delivery. Please note size below.

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  • ParaSport Skydiver Weight Belt

    ParaSport Skydiver Weight Belt


    This weight belt from ParaSport Italia is comfortable and well-built. Designed for changing weights quickly between loads or outside the wind tunnel.

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