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  • Fliteline Skydiver Gear Bag

    Fliteline Skydiver Gear Bag


    This gear bag is manufactured by Fliteline in Florida and is one of the most durable we carry. It is made for skydivers. The gear bag is black with two compartments and two hard pockets for altimeters/goggles. This gear bag can comfortably fit your rig, jumpsuit and accessories. Available in three sizes.

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  • Logbook Cover

    Logbook Cover

    Cordura logbook cover by Fliteline. This durable logbook cover is perfect for holding your SkyLog 3, SkyLog 4 or similar logbook. It also has pockets for a pen, licenses, cash, notes, photos and whatever else you want to stash away with your skydiving memories.

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  • Fliteline Canopy Storage Bag

    Fliteline Canopy Storage Bag


    The Fliteline's Canopy Storage Bag is perfect for storing a second canopy on risers, main D-bag and pilot chute. This is the same type of bag manufacturer's use when carrying demo canopies around to drop zones all over the world. Also great for drop zones and gear stores who keep canopies on hand as demos. Medium bag is 15x9.5x5 inches. Large bag is 17.5x11.5x5 inches. Note: ChutingStar stocks the canopy storage bags in solid black for immediate shipment. Just select the size. Custom color canopy storage bags are also available on a 4-week turnaround time.

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  • Fliteline Deluxe Packing Drag Mat

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