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Collector Edition Santa Cruz Darth Vader Inlay Star Wars Skateboard Deck
Build Your ChutingStar Concrete Star Skateboard
ChutingStar Concrete Star Skateboard Deck
UPT Sigma Tandem Drogue
Osiris G Bag Speaker System Backpack
Collector Edition Santa Cruz Boba Fett Star Wars 8.0 Skateboard Deck
Collector Edition Santa Cruz Slave Leia Star Wars 7.8 Skateboard Deck
Collector Edition Santa Cruz Han Solo Star Wars 8.26 Skateboard Deck
Pro-Tec Retro Street Skate Knee/Elbow Combo Pads
RigSleeve Skydiving Gear Backpack
ChutingStar Windblade Kit
UPT RSL Red Skyhook Lanyard
UPT Sigma/Micro Sigma Type 7 Velcroless Main Risers
UKPro POV20-LT Soft GoPro Camera Case
Dakine Trail Photo 33L Backpack
Dakine Sequence 33L Backpack
Camelbak Antidote Cleaning Kit
Fourteener 24 Charcoal 2014 Camelbak Pack
Classic Black 2014 Camelbak Pack
M.U.L.E. Pure Blue 2014 Camelbak Pack
Rogue Racing Red 2014 Camelbak Pack
ChutingStar CamelBak Chute .75L Water Bottle
Dakine Departure 55L Gear Bag
Dakine Tucker iPhone Wallet
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  • ChutingStar Pullup Cords

    ChutingStar Pullup Cords


    A package of 10 ChutingStar Pullup Cords!

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  • Wedge Mudflap Alti-Mount

    Wedge Mudflap Alti-Mount


    The Wedge is the only mudflap altimeter mount that is customized to either side of nearly any rig with any mudflap shape for any altimeter. The Wedge includes a stretch pocket on the back, which can be filled with a variable spacer foam, in order to correct any altimeter misalignment due to different rig configurations and body proportions. Also included is a 1" or 2” Uni-Loop that is attached with an elastic strap. Now the chest strap can be routed through this Uni-Loop, keeping the mount close to the body. Freeflyers appreciate this feature as the mount is not pushed up by the wind while standing up. The elastic strap may be adjusted in length with a variable Velcro attachment, to handle different rig configurations.

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  • Main Closing Loops

    Main Closing Loops


    Main closing loops with a spare washer. The main closings loop are made of Type IIA and hot-knifed on the end. A spare washer is included and a knot can be tied/adjusted to the desired length.

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  • Bungee/Ball Slider Keeper

    Bungee/Ball Slider Keeper


    This is a thick elastic bungee, plastic ball and rubber band that can be used to hold your main slider at the base of the main risers, behind your head. The bungee length will need to be adjusted when installed on your rig. This system works with the Javelin, Mirage, Icon, Dolphin and Vector rigs. The bungee is slid around the reserve pin cover flap and tightened near the yoke with the rubber band and ball at the center. Once your canopy is deployed and determined to be square, stable and steerable, your collapsed slider can be secured with the rubber band wrapped around the middle of the slider and hooked onto the plastic ball. Although the rubber band should break in the event of a cutaway, this system can cause a slight delay, so use at your own risk. We urge you to make sure you have a good canopy before securing your slider in the bungee/ball retainer. The Bungee/Ball Slider Keeper is always in stock at ChutingStar for immediate shipment! Note: Photo shows black elastic with blue ball. Colors may change due to stock on hand. Currently we have black elastic with a black ball.

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  • Elastic Keepers

    Elastic Keepers


    Elastic keepers for leg straps and chest straps. These black elastic keepers are made of elastic, trim tape and are reinforced with a 42-stitch bartack. These come in packs of 5. Available in sizes of 2" for leg straps and wide chest straps as well as 1" for small chest straps. Select size and quantity below. Elastic keepers are always in stock at ChutingStar for immediate shipment!

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  • Swooper Belly Band

    Swooper Belly Band


    This Belly Band was designed for swoopers with a hip-ring container. The ChutingStar Belly Band is fed through the hip rings and then secured through the adapter. This allows the swooper to remove the chest strap under canopy and still be securely fastened in their harness. A swooper can now lean farther forward during their runs through the course to reduce drag and eliminate the possibility of falling forward out of the harness.

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