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Theeve CSX Raw Skateboard Trucks

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Theeve CSX Raw Skateboard Trucks.

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Theeve CSX Raw Skateboard Trucks.

Available in 5.0/7.63", 5.25/7.91", 5.5/8.18", 5.85/8.56 and 6.5/9.05" Hanger/Axle widths. All Theeve Trucks are a built at a mid/standard height.

Theeve’s take on a classic truck with a twist. Titanium/alloy blend with non-slip cro-moly steel axles, grade 8 king pins and Bones® Hardcore Bushings™ standard.

In July 2007, Theeve set out to design the strongest, lightest and best skating truck to date. The progression of skateboarding into big technical tricks has started to demand more from trucks than ever before. Titanium was the obvious choice when it came to taking trucks to the next level. Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal and is 40% lighter than steel. Theeve has used some of the best computer aided design in the world to create not only a stronger, lighter truck but a truck that probably turns the best out of any truck on the market.

With the unique Titanium/alloy blend used in the casting process combined with the 6/4 Aerospace Titanium axle, you get less chance of axle bend and a 40% weight saving over traditional steel axles. Add to this the fact all Theeve trucks come standard with Bones Hardcore Bushings you get probably the ultimate skateboard truck ever made.

All trucks come in a set of 2. To complete the assembly onto a deck, you will need a set of 8 bearings, 4 wheels and hardware (8 bolts/nuts), available separately from ChutingStar-Skate.

Personal preferences and skating styles can affect wheel/truck/deck combinations, but in general:

  • 5.0/7.63" Hanger/Axle width trucks are commonly used with 7.5 to 8 inch decks.
  • 5.25/7.91" Hanger/Axle width trucks are commonly used with 7.75 to 8 inch decks.
  • 5.5/8.18" Hanger/Axle width trucks are commonly used with 8 to 8.25 inch decks.
  • 5.85/8.56" Hanger/Axle width trucks are commonly used with 8.25 to 8.5 inch decks.
  • 6.5/9.05" Hanger/Axle width trucks are commonly used with 8.5 to 9 inch decks.
  • Mid (standard) height trucks (all-around street/park/ramps) work great with a wheel size of 50-56mm.
  • Riser pads can be used for wheels in excess of 56mm.

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Additional Info

Height Mid
Construction Titanium
Color Silver
Manufacturer Theeve

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