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Creature Sacred Symmetry Eye 8.2 Skateboard Deck

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Creature Sacred Symmetry Eye 8.2 Skateboard Deck.

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Creature Sacred Symmetry Eye 8.2 Skateboard Deck.

In a fit of pure genius, Sam Hitz recently rebirthed Creture's Evilive construction. He had this to say whilst drinking from a goblet and looking at a calculator...

"Behold sacred geometry at your feet... Symmetrical numbers command natural technology to do your bidding. Take advantage of these alignments and prophetic glyphs to inspire new trickery and astrology to your skate path. Also this board is made of wood and comes sealed with a Hitz Graph black book for further studies."
-Samuel J. Hitz III

These boards are limited to 400 each and come with a Hitz Graph coloring book. Get one now or shit broken glass for eternity.

The Creature Sacred Symmetry Die skateboard deck comes in a size of 8.2 x 32.8 inches.

Team Captain of Creature Skateboards is Darren Navarrette and a symbol of vert skateboarding. Fellow team members of Creature Skateboards are Al Partanen and Sam Hitz.

This is the skateboard deck only. To complete a full skateboard assembly, you will also need grip tape, trucks, hardware, bearings and wheels, which can be ordered individually or as a full gear package in a separate listing on ChutingStar-Skate.

Note: Desired skateboard width can vary based on skate style, body size and individual preference. But in general, 7.4"-7.88" widths work great for younger skaters, street skaters or those needing a board that is easier to maneuver for tricks. The 8"-9" width are great for jumping off tall objects, larger skaters, skate filmers, vert/ramp skating or cruising. For more assistance, contact us directly.

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Additional Info

Deck Width 8.2 inches
Deck Length 31.8 inches
Type Street
Materials Maple
Truck Attachment No
Color No
Manufacturer Creature Skateboards

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