Toy Machine Orange Sect Curb Wax

Toy Machine Orange Sect Curb Wax

Toy Machine Orange Sect Curb Wax
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Toy Machine Orange Sect Curb Wax for skateboarders.

Used sparingly on curbs or rails for nailing that trick that has been giving you grief all day.

Loyal Pawns of Toy Machine, these tips are for you:

  • This wax is for skateboarders

  • This wax is to be used when needed, for instance, in situations where without it, you would not be able to do the trick you are trying

  • In the case of the above, it should be used sparingly so as not to ruin the spot or attract non-skateboarders

  • This wax could be melted and used to make candles

  • Use on a surfboard would be cool, but perhaps a softer or scented wax would be nicer

  • This wax could be used on door-jams in case of a noisy or tight door

  • This wax could be whittled into a knife that when melted would not carry fingerprints

  • Wax is not a solution for fear of speed. In most cases going faster would be preferable than using wax

  • Drilling holes into the top of the wax, (after painting it) would make a nice pencil holder. A great gift!

  • Don't get all huffed up, we were just serious

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Toy Machine Orange Sect Curb Wax