Element Grip Tape File

Element Grip Tape File

Element Grip Tape File
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Element Grip Tape File.

The Element Grip Tape File lends a helping hand to make gripping your next deck smooth and finished. File is approximately 7'' long. Red handle with Element logo in white. A solid piece of equipment. Stop with all the other tools, and bust out a real one.

Element was founded in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff who was an avid skateboarder since the age of four. Through hard work, imagination and determination the Iconic Tree Logo and company has grown. Since its humble beginnings, Element was created out of passion and an unwavering dedication to making a positive difference. The tree continues to grow while it respects its deepest roots and embraces the landscape of skateboarding, and the lifestyle that surrounds it. The Element team includes Mark Appleyard, Nyjah Huston, Levi Brown, Chad Tim Tim, Nick Garcia, Evan Smith, Julian Davidson, Madars Apse, Trent McClung, Greyson Fletcher, Tom Schaar, Chris Colbourn, Dominick Walker, Ethan Lay, Ray Barbee, Chad Muska, Bam Margera, Brian Gaberman, Mike Kershsnar, Johnny Schillereff, Thomas Campbell and Chad Eaton.

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Element Grip Tape File