Demo A Performance Designs Canopy For 2 Weeks

Demo A Performance Designs Canopy For 2 Weeks

Demo A Performance Designs Canopy For 2 Weeks
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Performance Designs has a fleet of canopies for you to fly before you buy from ChutingStar!

PD has more than 300 canopies to demo in nearly every size and model the company makes.

PD demo canopies come on risers, so it's all ready to hook up to your container along with your main D-bag and main pilot chute (as long as your container is designed to hold the size of canopy you are looking to demo). Simply select the canopy you want to demo above as well as noting the size you want. We'll be in touch to verify your experience level.

PD provides demo canopies starting at $95 for a 2-week rental, which covers the cost of shipping the canopy to you, the return shipping, insurance while in transit, and the inspection when it is returned. We ship the demo to you with a return shipping label, all you’ll need to do is place the label on the box and either call for a pick up, or take it to the shippers drop-off location near you. Canopies are shipped signature required, so please remember to provide a shipping address that someone will be available to sign for a package.


  • Demos are for skydivers with a minimum an USPA A-License who are looking to make a purchase decision.

  • You have 2 weekends (or 10 days) to try out the canopy. By providing the canopy for 2 weekends, we are taking into consideration that sometimes nature doesn't cooperate with our skydiving plans and one weekend may not be enough.

  • The canopy is set up on risers for your convenience, but you will need your own d-bag and pilot chute, which are components of your container/harness system. You will need a complete rig (up-to-date reserve included) to demo a PD canopy as your main. Please remember, the risers are provided as a convenience, so if you prefer the length or set up of your own, feel free to switch the canopy over to them while you are demoing it. Just don't forget to send ours back with the canopy!

  • PD factory-based demo canopies are available to all skydivers residing in or visiting the United States. We will check with your local S&TA and/or DZO to ensure that we are sending an appropriate size/model for your skill level. We do this because we like to see our customers lead long, happy, healthy lives in the sport, not to stifle or impede a jumper's progression. We realize that canopy choice is a very personal decision and that everyone progresses differently.

  • PD does its best to make sure they have plenty of demos available at all times. Depending on the demand for the size/model you are interested in and how timely they are being returned by our fellow jumpers, there is often little to no wait. There can sometimes be a waiting time of a few weeks for a particularly popular size/model, especially during the peak of the skydiving season, so be sure you plan ahead.

  • How can I arrange to have a demo for certain dates? The sooner you let us know, the more likely it can be arranged. The demos are sent out on a first come, first serve basis. While we can't guarantee the size/model you want will be available for the dates you want, it will certainly be more likely for us to accommodate you when we know in advance. We recommend that you request the demo at least 3 weeks in advance when you have particular dates in mind. 

  • Don't forget about your Reserve! PD offers all available sizes of the PD Reserve and the Optimum Reserve, set up as mains with an attachment point for your d-bag and pilot chute. This is a great opportunity to become familiar with your reserve canopy without being in a stressful emergency situation and to decide what size you are comfortable with in every situation.

  • Pond swooping is not allowed with PD demos.

  • The customer is responsible for any loss or damages related to the PD demo canopy.

Note: These are canopies from U.S.-Based PD Demo Program and are only available for delivery and use within the United States and Puerto Rico. Demos are drop-shipped directly from PD in DeLand, Florida, to your address. A pre-paid return label is included for returing the demo to PD after the 2-week use.

Detail Information

Cell CountNo
Fabric TypeNo
Line Types
Link TypesSlinks
Canopy Performance LevelAdvanced, Intermediate, Novice
Canopy ShapeNo
Slider Grommets
Slider Types
Canopy TypeMain, Reserve
Colors Available


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Demo A Performance Designs Canopy For 2 Weeks
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