Adrenalize - Royalty Free Audio Compilation

Adrenalize - Royalty Free Audio Compilation

Adrenalize - Royalty Free Audio Compilation
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Andernalize from VASST is the perfect addition to every drop zone video station.

With over an hour of high energy, fast paced music, the VASST Adrenalize royalty free audio compilation is a high quality, varied, and extremely useful collection of songs for use in all your high energy/edgy projects! Whether you do extreme sports, want to put an edge on your next video, or really sharpen up your next action film, Adrenalize is the Royalty free album for you! DOWNLOAD "SHOW YER MOXIE FREE!

Don't just get a sample, we're giving an entire song from the Adrenalize album FREE by clicking the song title above!

Product Track List: 

  • TRACK TITLE           Length     Style       

  • Adrenaline Junkie       1:00:00 Aggressive

  • Punching Thru the Pain 2:48:00 Aggressive

  • Bruises and Noise         2:03:00 Cheerful, rock, dynamic

  • Getting There                 1:10:00 Fun, cheerful

  • Check My Pulse         1:00:00 Fun, cheerful

  • Skippin' the Rhythm 2:18:00 Fun, cheerful

  • Cookin'                         2:20:00 Mildly aggressive

  • Pop the Piece                 1:00:00 Aggressive

  • The Show Begins         2:52:00 Very aggressive, happy

  • Did I Stutter?                 1:00:00 Aggressive, happy

  • New Beginnings         2:22:00 Mildly aggressive, cheerful

  • Down Fast                 2:55:00 Cheerful, rock, dynamic

  • Hard Fly                         2:11:00 Aggressive

  • Walk Me Talk Me         3:07:00 Smooth, dynamic

  • Serious Juju                 2:02:00 Powerful, aggressive

  • Do U Wanna Do This? 1:56:00 Powerful, aggressive

  • Pow Pow                         2:28:00 Aggressive, cheerful

  • Moving On Moving Out 1:59:00 Mildly aggressive

  • Jump on That                 0:30:00 Very aggressive

  • Can't Fight This Feeling 0:30:00 Mildly aggressive, vocals

  • Move Over                 2:13:00 Very aggressive

  • Show Yer Moxie         1:00:00 70's aggressive

  • Poppin' Smiles         2:01:00 Very aggressive

  • Slap Hands, Pound Fist 2:09:00 Fun, cheerful

  • Edgy Newbie                 2:06:00 Techno-aggressive

  • Club Power                 2:38:00 Techno-aggressive

  • Punk n' Fun                 1:57:00 Punkish,fun, aggressive, cheerful

  • Night Jumps                 0:30:00 Techno, dark,

  • Club Ready                 2:06:00 Techno, cheerful

  • Oh Yeah!                         2:01:00 Power Rock, aggressive

  • Rock the Sky                 2:21:00 Power Rock, aggressive

  • SocioPhobic                 1:35:00 Dark, aggressive

  • What Wuz I Thinkin? 1:58:00 Dark, techno, aggressive

  • Grinnin' and Spinnin' 3:28:00 Cheerful, rock, dynamic

  • All The Way                 0:30:00 Epic, power drive, aggressive, heroic

  • Need to Do This Thing 2:22:00 Power 80's rock, aggressive

  • Ask Me Why                 1:47:00 Techno Mystery, Cheerful

  • Big Buzz                         1:48:00 Techno, mildly aggressive     

  • Total Time                 72:01:00

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Adrenalize - Royalty Free Audio Compilation
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