Satori Recycled Core Rasta Swirl 53mm Skateboard Wheels

Satori Recycled Core Rasta Swirl 53mm Skateboard Wheels

Satori Recycled Core Rasta Swirl 53mm Skateboard Wheels
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Satori Recycled Core Rasta Swirl 53mm Skateboard Wheels.

These 53mm Satori Recycled Core wheels are great for skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools or any smooth surface. Satori's recycled core is made from lathed down old wheels poured with fresh urethane made from 70% recycled urethane. Set of 4.

When you're bombing hills on the regular and power sliding is the only way to stop you from killing yourself by collision with a car, you want a wheel that won’t let ya down.Satori's recycled core wheels won’t turn into piles of junk after months of use and abuse. Go ahead and get yourself a pair, we promise you won’t be sounding like a motorcycle after that skate down that chunky sidewalk.

The 50-52mm sizes are smaller, lighter wheels most commonly used either for stable trick skating, advanced pro riders or smaller/younger skaters for street, skate parks and bowls. The 53-56mm wheels are the more common wheel size for beginners or bigger riders skating street, skate parks, bowls and vert ramps. Wheels 56mm and above are more common for skate filmers.

One set of wheels is needed for a full skateboard.

The Satori Movement strives to provide innovative, sustainable, and progressive products. From a humble beginning, the Satori Movement rooted itself in the skateboard market with a well known team of professional skaters, which to this day, influence the younger generation of skaters to be more conscious of what they buy, consume and support. Over a decade, Satori has grown and currently designs and produces a full line of men's and women's(Divine Movement) apparel and accessories while bringing sustainable initiatives and innovations into skateboarding. In conjunction with their family of professional riders, Satori Movement encourages greater sustainable awareness in the Skate/Surf community by integrating its eco minded soft goods into local skate shops while also expanding the Movement with independent hemp/eco stores around the globe.

Detail Information

Wheel Diameter53mm
Wheel Durometer80b
Wheel FormulaRecycled Core Urethane
Wheel EdgeRound Lip
Graphic Theme


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Satori Recycled Core Rasta Swirl 53mm Skateboard Wheels
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