Pocket Parachute Rigger Kit

Pocket Parachute Rigger Kit

Pocket Parachute Rigger Kit
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The Pocket Rigger Kit is designed for military and civilian use as a dedicated field rigger tool kit for the packing and/or repacking of reserve and emergency parachute systems.

This is an excellent first rigger kit for any rigger-in-training, newly certificated rigger or the seasoned master rigger in need of an "on-the-go" kit.

Conceived and designed by Sandy Reid, FAA Master Rigger, DPRE, owner of USAPR and manufacturer of Rigging Innovations products, the Pocket Rigger Kit is a compact and easily transportable tool kit. Weighing only 2.0 lbs (.9kg), it has only those tools and replacement parts such as closing loops, needed by the typical rigger to repack an emergency reserve after use or to assemble and pack a new personnel parachute assembly.

Military free fall teams will find the Pocket Rigger Kit particularly well suited for carrying with them on specialized missions or deployments. The team rigger now has the tools necessary to allow them to support their unit mission in the field at all times.

Included in the Pocket Rigger Kit are 20 specialized tools including 3 custom-designed and manufactured to exacting specifications to integrate into the tool case. In addition, there are replacement reserve and main closing loops, pull-up cords, data cards, tacking and seal thread, and lead seals to round out the complete kit.

The Pocket Rigger Kit comes complete with all the components listed and shown in the photos. Items included:

  • Carry Case

  • Packing Fid

  • 6-inch Metal Ruler

  • T-Bodkin

  • Finger Trapping Wire

  • Navy End Tab

  • Crescent Wrench

  • Cypres Temporary Pin

  • Rigger Field Data Card

  • Packing Data Card

  • Ink Pen

  • Mini Knee Plate/Paddle

  • Postive Leverage Closing Device

  • Lead Seals, Closing Loops & Cypres Disc

  • Cypres Pull-Up Cord

  • Curved Hemostats

  • Tacking/Seal Thread

  • Tacking Needles

  • Finger Trapping Fids

  • Power Tool

  • Leatherman Micra

  • Pilot Chute Flex Rod

  • Butane Lighter

For FAA or foreign certificated riggers that also need a seal press, one can be added from ChutingStar.com.

The Pocket Rigger Kit is available in all 5 colors from ChutingStar: Army Digital, Black, Coyote Brown, Camo Green and Navy Blue.

Detail Information

Colors AvailableBlack, Navy Blue
Lengths Available
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Pocket Parachute Rigger Kit
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