Pilot Main Parachute Canopy (Stock 1 Week/Custom 12 Weeks)

Pilot Main Parachute Canopy (Stock 1 Week/Custom 12 Weeks)

Pilot Main Parachute Canopy (Stock 1 Week/Custom 12 Weeks)
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The current Pilot stock list is at the link below: Pilot Stock List
To place an order for a custom Pilot, use the online custom color designer program at the link below: Custom Design Pilot Order Form
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Aerodyne Pilot Main Canopy.

This 9-cell canopy from Aerodyne is made of zero-p fabric and is available with 725 Spectra or 700 HMA line. The Pilot is known for its predictable on-heading openings, stable flight, responsive turns and strong flare.

With a lighter wing loading the Pilot is the ideal choice for a first canopy. Increase the wing loading and the Pilot becomes the favorite companion of the more experienced skydiver who enjoys the higher performance and faster turns it can produce. Canopy piloting schools recommend the Pilot for their training courses, because of it's flight characteristics.

Whether you deploy following RW or a wing suit flight, with a camera mounted on your helmet or a weight belt around the waist, the Pilot will put you in the saddle in the most comfortable and reliable way. The Pilot is a 9-cell ram-air canopy with top and bottom skins built from zero-porosity fabric for best performance and longevity. The relatively short lines make it quite responsive to turn input, without becoming radical.

Standard with each Pilot are soft links, new “lightweight” stainless steel grommets and color-coded line attachments for easier PRO packing.

Also available on the Pilot is the Aerodyne-exclusive zero porosity canopy fabric called ZPX. This honeycomb structured fabric is thinner and lighter, yet stronger than the regular ZP fabric we all know. This creates two great features: a 15 to 20% smaller pack volume (in comparison to a same sized ZP canopy) and a much easier pack job on even a brand new canopy (It feels like you are packing a 500-jump ZP canopy).

Due to the proven results and success of the Pilot7 ULPV canopy, Aerodyne will now offers the 9-cell Pilot canopy in the lowest pack volume material, Ultra-LPV. The Pilot ULPV option still contains the predictable and fantastic openings that you've grown to love and that Aerodyne canopies are renowned for. The ULPV material packs even smaller than the full ZPX version, providing you to be able to choose a larger canopy size, which leaves more options with downsizing as you advance in your canopy progression.

Aerodyne main canopies have the option of zpX or ULPV fabric. This extra option is $200.

The current Pilot stock list is at the link below:

Pilot Stock List

To place an order for a custom Pilot, use the online custom color designer program at the link below:

Custom Design Pilot Order Form

Add your custom or stock Pilot to the online cart on Aerodyne's site and proceed through check out process by clicking "Check Out" under Purchase From Distributor. Choose ChutingStar Skydiving Gear in the Distributor dropdown menu. Once the order is submitted, we will contact you to review the order. Payment can be made by adding this Pilot to your online cart with payment.

Detail Information

Cell Count9 cell
Fabric TypeZP or ZPX
Line Types700 HMA, 725 Spectra
Link TypesSoft Links
Canopy Performance LevelNovice
Canopy ShapeSemi-Elliptical
Slider GrommetsStainless
Slider TypesCollapsible
Canopy TypeMain
Colors Available


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Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Pilot 168 ZPX
I've tried several canopies and this one opens on heading, very docile. The canopy flies flat and when toggle input is used it will turn and dive aggressively. Once the toggles are back up, the canopy will fly straight immediately! The colors are brights and the ZPX material appears to be strong.
Review by Joseph / (Posted on 9/1/2019)
Pilot 168 ZP
Believe everything you hear about this canopy. Soft, constant on heading opening. Great flare. Just an all round fun canopy.

Love the colour coded packing tabs.
Review by Warren / (Posted on 1/15/2017)
168 ZPX at wingloading of 1.15
Love my new Pilot 168!

Best openings ever. Super easy to pack with coloured line attachment points.

Flight characteristics are a lot of fun, even at WL of 1.15. Very responsive to risers, toggles, and harness input. Even in this size I can stear with my butt alone, and with toggles, it's easy to keep the turns co-ordinated (watch your pilotchute/yaw-string and keep it straight).

The flare is a little weak with stock brake line length vs. my arm length on standard risers, but that's easy to fix.

Using the canopy decent speed recorded by my L&B Ares -- average of 14 mph downwards -- and given the common glide slope of 2.5:1, I'm getting about 35 mph forward speed. That gives me plenty of wind penetration, and enough speed for a safe landing in the event of unexpected turbulence (even without a highspeed approch).

I would definitely buy another Aerodyne canopy, possibly a smaller Pilot even.
Review by Christopher / (Posted on 12/1/2016)
188 ZPX
Great all around canopy. I fly a 188 ZPX for wingsuiting. Great easy openings, never had anything close to crazy. Fly a 168 as well here and there and it's also a great basic canopy. The ZPX material is great too, not extremely slippery and has some what of a texture to it that makes packing a breeze.
Review by Liam / (Posted on 3/11/2016)
Really great, well rounded canopy, with good landings.
I've had 3 Aerodyne Pilot's in sizes 168, 150 and 124. All of them were great opening canopies, fun to fly and had good flare power. It's not a Sabre 2. Sorry, Aerodyne, but it's just not... and it won't have the ridiculous range of that canopy but that said it might be about the next best thing if you consider it doesn't always have end cell closures on opening. That's my opinion, take it or leave it. Do I recommend it? Definitely for newer jumpers.
Review by Jason / (Posted on 3/5/2016)
The canopy of all canopies.
I fly a pilot 188 ZPX at about a 1.3WL and I love it. Easy to pack (yay for color coded line attachment points), though the ZPX is as slippery as a wet bar of soap covered in Crisco. Great openings even when trash packing it to make the next load. Great flare, great glide, and great durability. Buying my wife one too!
Review by Chris / (Posted on 12/30/2015)
Soft Openings/Great Landings = Great All-Around Parachute
I have now owned 3 different Pilot Canopies. I have loved every single one of them. I have probably jumped about a dozen different types of parachutes and this one is my favorite. It is a great all-around canopy. I even use it for wingsuiting. Great and consistent openings! I highly recommend giving a Pilot a try. Thanks Aerodyne!
Review by Brian / (Posted on 11/5/2015)
It's very true what they say....
This canopy can be as docile as you want it to be. Land it in straight and level flight and it'll be as predictable as a student canopy like the Aerodyne Solo but give it some gas on final and it'll surprise you with how much you can get out of it. Long-ish surfs are a bit of a trick to master but that's probably true for any canopy. The good thing is this canopy recovers quick and very, very predictably.
Review by Jason / (Posted on 11/1/2013)
Pilot Main Parachute Canopy (Stock 1 Week/Custom 12 Weeks)