Pig Templeton Pelican News 53mm Skateboard Wheels

Pig Templeton Pelican News 53mm Skateboard Wheels

Pig Templeton Pelican News 53mm Skateboard Wheels
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Pig Templeton Pelican News 53mm Skateboard Wheels.

A set of 4 53mm Pig Templeton Pelican News Skateboard Wheels. Each set shows your love for pro skateboarder Ed Templeton.

Made of a solid high-quality urethane with a light blue hue. With a 101a hardness measurement, these wheels have excellent speed!

Great for skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools or any smooth surface.

Ride the Swine! Pig Wheels makes one of the best urethanes available for skateboarding. Pig offers a full selection of wheels including street, park, cruisers, colored and swirl urethane. All these in many sizes and shapes to give skateboarders the selection they need to conquer any terrain. Pig also offers a full line of hard goods: bearings, high quality grip tape, bolts, wax, risers and rails. Pig Wheels sponsors and incredible skate team including: Leo Romero, Corey Duffel, Jeremy Leabres, Blake Carpenter, Billy Marks, Nick Merlino, Clint Walker, Josh Harmony, Ed Templeton, Matt Bennett, Anthony Schultz, Pat Burke, Cole Wilson, Yoshi Tanenbaum, Joey Ragali, Ryan Spencer, Nestor Judkins, Zack Wallin and Louie Barletta. Our team riders have input on everything from graphics, shapes and wheel formulas…making Pig Wheels more of a family then just another crappy wheel brand.

The 50-52mm sizes are smaller, lighter wheels most commonly used either for stable trick skating, advanced pro riders or smaller/younger skaters for street, skate parks and bowls. The 53-56mm wheels are the more common wheel size for beginners or bigger riders skating street, skate parks, bowls and vert ramps. Wheels 56mm and above are more common for pool riders, cruisers and skate filmers.

One set of wheels is needed for a full skateboard.

Detail Information

Wheel Diameter53mm
Wheel Durometer101a
Wheel FormulaHigh-Quality Urethane
Wheel EdgeRound Lip
ProEd Templeton
Graphic ThemeAnimal


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Pig Templeton Pelican News 53mm Skateboard Wheels