Phantom X Skydiving Helmet

Phantom X Skydiving Helmet
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The Phantom X full face helmet by Square One. 

The Phantom X is the next generation skydiving helmet developed with the primary purpose of solving all of the problems inherent in the most popular full-face helmets currently on the market. A state-of-the-art design has resulted in a safer, more functional and more user-friendly skydiving helmet already favored by professional and recreational skydivers alike.

A knee to the face is no problem for the Phantom X lens due its thickness as well as shape that keeps it away from the face. The lens is extremely easy to open and can be removed/installed in 20 seconds. The ease of removal makes it easy to wash and the lens can be aired dry or you can blot it dry using a paper towel or cotton cloth.

Skydivers rave on the field of vision of the Phantom X as well as the nose and mouth area fitting tighter then their current full face helmet. This is designed this way to prevent exhaust breaths from going up the lens, exhaust breaths should go out the hole.

Team Perris has over 400 jumps on Phantoms X helmets and have only replaced the lens once. The Phantom X lens lasts much longer than other full-face helmet lenses. Because of the lens shape people with eye glasses can wear the Phantom X with no problems at all.

The Phantom X features:

  • 2mm Thick Polycarbonate Lens

  • Offers superior protection

  • Opens and closes with ease

  • Anti-fog coated

  • Anti-scratch coated

  • Easy to clean Easy Change Lens System

  • Change your lens in 30 seconds!

  • No tools required

  • No loose parts

  • No need for super-human strength

  • Intelligent Engineering

  • Widest field of vision

  • Dual lens locks (1 on each side)

  • Secure audible altimeter pocket

  • Proven tightening system with adjustable snap

Standard Colors: Gloss Black, Flat Black, Navy Blue, Medium (Light) Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow and White stocked by ChutingStar. All color/size combinations usally in stock for immediate shipment. Temporarily out-of-stock helmets have a turnaround time of 1 week.

Sizes available include: X-Small (20-21"), Small (21-22"), Medium (22-22.5"), Large (22.5-23"), X-Large (22.75-23.5"), XX-Large (23.5-24"). Note: Sizes Large and XLarge overlap. Between these two sizes, 50% will fit a L and 50% will fit an XL. if your head is wide, XL will fit better. if your head is narrow, L will fit better. If your head is long from chin to top of the head, XL will fit better. Disclaimer: All heads are shaped differently. This sizing chart is only and guide and will not guarantee a perfect fit.

Extra notes on the Phantom X after purchase: Adjust the tightening strap and tack it down with a hand or machine stitch. When you tighten the helmet, pull the strap rearwards not forward and downwards (see user manual). The anti-fog cloths sent with the Phantom X work well, but you have to polish the inside of the lens for about 3 or 4 minutes (not like the instructions say). If you put a couple of drops of water on the anti fog cloth it works 10X better and faster.

Detail Information

Audible Pockets or MountsRight Inner Pocket
Carry Bag IncludedNo
Camera Mount OptionsRequires Additional Hardware, Top Mount
Chin Fastener OptionsStandard Fastner Only
Liner TypeSoft felt liner
Liner ReplaceableNo
Visor ReplaceableYes
Shell MaterialComposite
Sizes AvailableXS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL
Helmet TypeFull Face
Colors AvailableBlack, Blue, Flat Black, Gloss Black, Navy Blue, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, White, Yellow
Visor Flips UpYes
Visor TintClear


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Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Great First Helmet!
Great Skydiving helmet, not many things to point out with this one, opens and closes a breeze and is very durable, mouthpiece circulates air well, side locking strap to prevent itchiness under your chin (unlike other brands) awesome priced helmet all round!
Review by Danielle / (Posted on 5/25/2016)
This helmet fits and feels great. I use it both in the sky and in the tunnel and I've never had an issue. I really like the locking strap on the side of it instead of being under your chin as other helmets. Because of this, you only feel the padding under your chin and not the strap. The field of view is also great and the visor can be removed in a mater of seconds without the need of tools.

There's two things I don't like, but I can live without them:

1) It's impossible to talk to someone with the helmet on when you are in a noisy environment (plane, tunnel) since your mouth is completely covered, so I need to take it off every time I need to talk to someone.

2) It takes a few seconds to flip the visor up when wearing gloves. There's to pins you need to push on the sides of the helmet to flip the visor up and finding them with gloves and numb fingers from the cold weather can be tricky.

I'd recommend trying them on before you buy them just to get a feel on the size and if any of these 2 issues are not acceptable to you, I'd say to get a different helmet.
Review by BigMick / (Posted on 3/21/2016)
You will not be disappointed at all. This is a fantastic purchase for your first helmet. I would recommend this to a friend and my family.
My girlfriend bought me this for my birthday. I was having trouble focusing on my spins at the time as I am an IAF student. This helmet allowed me to focus on my body and brought back the thrill in free falling! Before I was diving with just goggles and the wind was not allowing me to relax on my dive. Phantom X has the best field of vision and is very snug. My favorite part of the helmet is how easy it is to clean and polish the plastic. I use a shiner and it really brings out the red color. If I could get another I would in a heartbeat. Thanks to the aerodynamics I could smile and wave to my coach and barely be bothered by the wind. Thanks Chutingstar!
Review by Skip / (Posted on 2/13/2016)
Awesome! I would Buy another one.
Awesome Helmet! Couldn't be happier. FOV is unbeatable and being over $100 less than a G3 is also nice. The fact that i can change my lens in a matter of sec and go back up is awesome. I wear the mirror lens on a flat black and get tons of complements on how i looks. But when i am flying with others i switch to the clear so they can see my eyes.
Review by ABomb / (Posted on 1/23/2016)
Super Full Face Helmet
This helmet is nothing short of awesome !
The field of vision is wide and unobstructed.
A simple "snap" to secure the helmet and your out the door.
Oh and the visor locks securely and opens easily, even with gloves on.
It fits tight when you first get it but will loosen up or form to your head over time.
I love this helmet.
Review by Kelowna Skydiver / (Posted on 1/1/2016)
Great value, great comfort.
As a Phantom X owner, sometimes I find myself feeling a little jealous of Cookie G3 owners, because they have no trouble talking to one another in a cramped C-182, because their helmet doesn't cover their mouths. The Phantom X visor-locking mechanism can be a little tough to open in the dead of winter with gloves on. The glossy paint job on the Phantom X also seems to scratch pretty easily. It's my first helmet so I'm not sure how true this is for the competition.

Other than those few things, this helmet is dead-on perfect. The FOV is unbeatable, comfort is great (keeps my head and face nice and warm even on the coldest of jumps), the latch mechanism is easy to use even with gloves on (and easy to install an aftermarket cutaway system on, too). The audible pocket is easy to access and I don't worry about it falling out at all. The visor will fog in some situations, but a little FogTech wipe-down every week or two does a really good job of preventing it.

For those of us that wear cameras, the visor doesn't try to pivot almost all the way around to the back of the helmet (like the G3 will, if you let it), so no worries about smacking it into your camera mount over and over.

If it weren't for the easy scratching and the covered mouth, this helmet would get a perfect 5 star review from me.
Review by Adam / (Posted on 11/5/2015)
Comfortable, great FOV, easily removable/replaceable visor
I've tried several different full face helmets, and this one was the most comfortable. The FOV is very large so you don't have to worry about not seeing to the sides. Where some full face helmets put your face so close to the visor that your eye lashes brush the polycarbonate, the Phantom X keeps a good separation without reducing FOV.

The strap is very easy to use. I got it tensioned just right for my use and then used a needle and thread to tack the extra strap back on itself so it is always just right for me.

The audible altimeter pocket is nice and puts the altimeter in the right location.

The foam liner is comfortable, but is not replaceable, so it's best to use a helmet liner during the summer or if you sweat to keep your helmet from smelling bad.

The visor is super easy to remove and replace!

I have looked at Square One's newer helmet, but it's hard to justify the additional $200 for external altimeter pockets and gaps that allow more air flow on the inside of the helmet to reduce fogging.
Review by Zen Monkey / (Posted on 11/3/2015)
Great field of view
This is my first full faced helmet so I was a little apprehensive as to how I would like it.
I did not need to worry, it is awesome.
The best thing is it has a huge field of view. The face shield locks in place and releases easily. The worry of it fogging up has never been a problem so far. Even thou I ordered a size I thought would fit, it is a little tight but after 10 jumps it has started to relax a bite. A pocket for your audible altimeter holds my Solo2 well. A great feature is the closing snap. It works great once you set the tension/length. And very quiet in a noisy plane.
The ONLY down side so far is when I jump with someone is they can not see my mouth (ready-set-go). Not that big a deal.
Overall I have to give this helmet 5STARS.
Review by Rick / (Posted on 11/1/2013)
Helmet fits nice and comfortably. It's extremely light you barely feel it's there and with the design you really don't even know it on you. There is not one area that is blocking your view. Great helmet all around
Review by brad / (Posted on 10/1/2013)
Phantom X Skydiving Helmet