N3 Visual Audible Altimeter

N3 Visual Audible Altimeter

N3 Visual Audible Altimeter
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The N3 is our most popluar "all-in-one" digital visual and audible altimeter.

The N3 features an anodized aluminum case, rechargeable battery, mini-USB connection, rugged glass lens and is waterproof. The N3 stores 2500 summary logs and 200 detailed logs. It allows you to name your DZ, aircraft and alarm settings. The N3 has 8 selectable alarm groups and allows you to customize your alarm tones and independently set measurement units.

Approach alarms are available under canopy, or you can customize the tone sequences using the companion software. Altitude, speed, and temperature measurement units can be set independently, making the N3 adaptable to the units of measure in use anywhere in the world. It comes with all the accessories needed for a variety of mounting options.

Includes case for wrist or hand mount, wrist and hand mount velcro and USB computer connection cable. Note: A USB Wall Charger is available separately from ChutingStar.com.

The N3 has the following features:


  • Anodized aluminum case

  • Robust glass lens

  • Clickable flush buttons

  • Mini-USB rechargeable

  • USB interface to PC

  • Waterproof up to six feet for up to one hour


  • Eight alarm groups; Includes both free fall and/or canopy alarms

  • Neptune Maintenance Utility (NMU) paired with Paralog can be used to create up to 32 custom alarm names

  • Alarm tones can be customized using Paralog-NMU

  • Canopy alarms include approach alarms preceding each selected alarm altitude

  • Canopy alarm volume is adjustable for those who wish to hear alarms from their wrist


  • Logs over 200 jump Profiles and over 2,500 jump Summaries

  • Jump odometer for fast-paced training days

  • Up to 32 dropzone and aircraft names can be entered using Paralog-NMU

  • Time under canopy and free fall time are logged.


  • Time can be set to 12 or 24 hour format

  • Date can be set to USA or International format

  • Temperature can be displayed in F or C

  • Speed can be displayed in mph or kmh

  • LCD may be flipped

  • Menu scrolls and wraps


  • Oops! You forgot to log your jumps last weekend: did you make 5 jumps Saturday, or was it 6? Was the 2nd jump on Sunday that sweet 4-way, or was it a 2-way head-down? How long was that wingsuit jump - 2 minutes or 3?

  • Don't waste your brain space trying to remember what jumps you did! Let your N3 take care of it all: see the date, time, and all the stats you need for all your jumps. Download them to Paralog-NMU and save them on your computer. (Note: Paralog is not an Alti-2 product and is available as an additional item from ChutingStar. A full Paralog license is required to export their jump log data to their computer and/or plot jump data on graphs.)

  • There is no time limit to your jumps - N3 will record the longest free fall you can make (safely, of course).

2,500 Jump Summaries:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Free fall Alarm Group

  • Canopy Alarm Group

  • Exit Altitude

  • Canopy Deployment Altitude

  • Free fall Time

  • Canopy Time

  • Average Speed

  • Speed at four different altitudes

  • Dropzone

  • Aircraft

Logging facilities:

  • Logbook on/off

  • Delete a jump

  • Delete logbook

  • Jump Odometer

View your jumps in one of two ways:

  • Use the "Go To" function if you know a certain jump number that you wish to view.

  • You can easily scroll through your logs by pressing and holding either the top or bottom buttons.


  • Set up groups of audible alarms to notify you of different altitudes during free fall and under canopy.

  • N3 has four groups of labeled alarms, each with three altitude settings. You can customize your alarm names using Paralog-NMU.

  • You can set each of the alarm groups to be either free fall or canopy alarms.

  • N3's free fall alarms sound loudly at the altitudes you program and the canopy alarms are a series of approach alarms leading up to the altitude that you program.

  • Free fall alarms are programmable in 100 ft. increments, and canopy alarms in 10 ft. increments.


  • N3 has a user friendly menu system. Add to that N3's flush clickable buttons and navigating through the menu and features is a breeze!

  • Automatically changes to Aircraft, Free Fall, and Canopy Modes.

  • N3's display can be electronically flipped to make menu navigation even easier!

  • N3 also has an electroluminescent backlight.


  • N3 is waterproof down to 6 feet of water, for up to an hour. So go swoop the pond - N3 can handle it!


  • You'll always have the most up to date N3, because we give you the new software for free! With the USB interface to PC, the process is easy, and you get a new toy every time we come up with a new feature.

  • You can also have your N3 updated by us here at the factory, or in the field, by an Altimaster Field Support members.

The average lifespan of the N3 battery should be 500 charges or 10 years (based on charging it once a week if needed). You should only charge the battery when it’s near empty; doing so will help ensure the longevity of the battery’s life. If for any reason the battery is not performing as it should and you’re the original owner, the units have a ten year warranty that covers the battery.

Note for night jumps: The N3 is primarily designed to be used as a visual OR audible altimeter. The unit will not support both the backlight and alarms being active at the same time. For safety reasons the alarms are given priority. If you are using the unit as a visual for a night jump, make sure your freefall and canopy alarms are disabled. (If the alarms are not disabled, the backlight will go out during the period that an alarm is sounding).

Add the Paralog Software for expanded download and logging features. Available separately through ChutingStar.com. A full Paralog license, which comes with the purchase of the Paralog Software, is required to export their jump log data to their computer and/or plot jump data on graphs.

The maximum recommended altitude for the N3 is 25,000 feet. The N3 will go up to 30,000 however the numbers will stop counting at 30,000, then resume upon descent from 30,000 down. At these altitudes, the N3 should function inside the helmet with no problem, however exposure to -20 Degrees Celcius or below requires a hand warmer to keep the crystals in the screen from freezing. 

Manufactured by Alti-2 in DeLand, Florida, across the street from ChutingStar-DeLand.

Detail Information

Alarm TypeFreefall and canopy alarms
Battery TypeRechargeable
Data LogThe N3 stores 2500 summary logs and 200 detailed logs. It allows you to name your DZ, aircraft and alarm settings.
Downloadable InfoAdded software needed, Added software optional, Mac, Windows, Yes
Feet or MetersSettings for Feet and Meters
FunctionAltimeter only
Protective Case AvailableYes
Replaceable LensNo
Saveable ProfilesYes
Visual PortNo
Water ResistantYes
WearabilityExterior helmet mount available, Handmount, Wristmount
Night Jump GlowYes


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Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Great Altimeter! Just watch out during night jumps!
Great altimeter overall. The only problem I've had is that when doing night jumps the light does not stay on while in the plane (just good to know before hand so you don't think it is broken) or also while you have any alarms go off. Basically if you are using this as a visual altimeter during a night jump make sure to turn off all alarms so that you can see your altitude at all times. Otherwise I love the fact that it records everything and the battery life is great!
Review by Nicole / (Posted on 1/25/2016)
Accuracy, and data, and bears! Oh my!
While the price is a bit high, this altimeter is the cat's meow. It logs EVERYTHING. if you have one and haven't used Paralog to check out all the data it records, you're dumber than a dummy. Do you like landing near the beer after a gorgeous sunset load? Do you want to know EXACTLY where you are when you pull, turn, etc? Do you like numbers, and charts, and graphs? Then this altimeter is for you. Do it to it like Pruett. Get an N3.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 12/30/2015)
Great alti
This is a great digital altimeter! i like the large font of the screen and the canopy alarm i can personally hear under canopy even tho it is on my wrist. thus allowing me to have 6 canopy alarms with my audible as well. My only issue with this product is it complicated to really understand all the uses of this product it took me a while to learn how to use this thing to its full potential. I also ordered a purple one that was more a royal deep blue and was not purple at all.
Review by Caleb / (Posted on 12/8/2015)
Great Altimeter.
The N3 is a great visual altimeter and data logger. I have been using this with a wrist mount for some time now and it has been dependable and functional. I like that it is USB chargeable although it is really necessary to charge it over night before a day of jumping. So, if you're going to a boogie and plan on getting drunk, make sure you plug it into a usb charger before you start drinking. I love the fact that it comes in a variety of colors, since having it match my jumpsuit and rig were a must ;)

The software that Alti-2 produced (NMU) was an absolute piece of crap that was difficult to use. However, they have a partnership with Prolog and now release a version of Prolog that has the NMU functionality built in. You can get the Prolog-NMU for free to program or set the altimeter, or you can buy the full Prolog version and get a great logbook program to download all your jumps.

The only real drawback to the N3 is the price.
Review by Zen Monkey / (Posted on 11/3/2015)
Wish it was cheaper.
Great product- has always worked perfectly for me. I bought mine after my N2 cracked climbing on to the camera step. I love the canopy alarms and that I can turn them off if I want to. I liked it enough that I even bought my boyfriend one. :)

My biggest complaints are battery life and price. I feel like the battery is constantly draining and this is a VERY pricey altimeter for it to be doing that.
Review by Charity / (Posted on 10/2/2013)
Absolutely Do Not Buy!
The Altimaster N3 has documented difficulties connecting with it's software, NMU. The company has not created a software update and continues to allow these devices to be sold, knowing many users will not be able to access the software to change the unit settings.
Review by francf16 / (Posted on 9/24/2013)
Small & simple design
I like the simplicity & design of the Altimeter. Never had any issues and I like the integrated battery.
Review by olee / (Posted on 7/19/2013)
best digital alti
Pros: rechargeable battery
Cons: not suitable for wingsuit

N3 will make your logging very easy,holds up to 200 logs + any information you want from any jump like exit altitude,vertical speed,deploy altitude,temperature ,FF time and CP time.
the audible system is really useful specially while Freeflying.
but remember,It's not recommended for wingsuit.
My instructor told me about N3 failure while wingsuiting.
I've jumped 21 wingsuits with N3 and had no problem with the audible, but for logging system ,2 times it showed wrong opening altitude to me.
except for wingsuit,it's the best in the market
Review by Nima / (Posted on 7/13/2013)
Great product, phenomenal company
I received my N3 in the mail after just a few days and I love it. It's quite the upgrade from the analog altimeters imo. I'm still working on my A license and I find that I'm much more confident in my altitude awareness and when making my pattern than I was with the analog. Not to mention, Chuting Star has THE BEST customer service I've ever experienced. They really care about keeping customers and they're great at it. Just ordered my container, too :)
Review by Chris / (Posted on 5/16/2013)
N3 Visual Audible Altimeter