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Your Info is Private

ChutingStar respects your privacy and does not sell your information. We do send out newsletters and updates occasionally, but only to those that have opted into our newsletter. You can subscribe or cancel at anytime through our web site or direct communication to us.

Your personal information and payment details are transmitted and stored through a Secure Online Certificate that is constantly monitored by the issuer. Access to your personal information is a kept to a minimum at ChutingStar and only by those handling your order fulfillment or customer service requests.

Your trust and business is important to us. We will keep your information private and secure.

You Can Return Your Order to ChutingStar

Returns of any items purchased from ChutingStar are welcome. We understand things aren't always what you expected and/or sizing charts leave much to be desired. Returns must include a copy of the invoice/receipt as well as information on what item(s) you want sent in return and/or a note that a refund is requested.

Exchange/Return Form

The refund or exchange amount will be based on the condition of the returned item. Full refunds or exchanges are available for any items returned in the same condition sent out from ChutingStar. Partial refunds or credits for exchanges are available for any items that are returned with missing packaging, missing parts, use or damage.

Custom items, open/used items or larger volume orders can be returned for partial refunds or credits. ChutingStar can help sell custom, opened or large volume items that need to be returned. A partial refund can be issued after custom items are sold or determined to be an item we can resell or stock.

An exchange of an item due to fit or size is always available. This type of issue is most common with helmets or clothing. Please return the item that does not fit per the information above with a note on the desired size replacement. As long as the original item is received in new condition with all the originally included parts/packing, you will only be charged for the follow-up shipment of the size exchange (unless the smaller/larger size is a higher/lower price).

Payment & Pricing Info

Payment for orders can be made via cash, check, money order, wire transfer, credit card or PayPal. Price is the same for any method of payment used. Prices are as listed on the web site, plus shipping, duties (if applicable) and local sales taxes (if applicable).

Checks and money orders should be made out to ChutingStar. PayPal payments should be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Payments processed via credit card will show up as ChutingStar Enterprises Inc. on your statement.

Pricing is as listed on the web site. Rare mistakes on listed prices will be communicated before shipping. High volume orders, seasonal/overstock sales and military discounts are available on some items. Contact us here for details. Sub-dealership inquiries are welcome.

Warranty Info

While ChutingStar attempts to filter out manufacturer defect items at our shop before shipping, some defect items will get past the manufacturer, ChutingStar and then to you. This is rare, but we will help resolve the issue as quick as possible for you.

Manufacturer warranties will apply to any defective items received from ChutingStar. Any service issues with items ordered through ChutingStar can be addressed with the manufacturer or ChutingStar.

Manufacturer defect issues are most often handled directly with the manufacturer with ChutingStar assisting in the process. In some circumstances, ChutingStar will directly replace the defect item and handle the return/exchange with the manufacturer.

Please contact us if any defect/warranty issue arises upon receipt of the item and we will help determine the best and quickest course of action for your issue.

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