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  • Helmet Fit Not An Exact Science

    There is not a fail-safe way to know which size of helmet to buy online. Ideally, you would be able to walk into one of our three ChutingStar shops and try a bunch on, or be able to try on helmets at your local drop zone or skate park. But for some, it's just not possible.

    Each manufacturer does post a size chart for its helmets. And that is a great starting point. You'll want to get a soft tape measure, which you can find in the sewing section of any grocery store. Measure around your head, level with your forehead and behind your ears.


  • SkySystems Quick Release Recall

    SkySystems USA has released a Service Bulletin on its Quick Release handle. The Quick Release is a cutaway system for chincups and the Vapor Narrow and Vapor Wes Pro helmets.

    According to the service bulletin, the company found a weakness in the handles manufactured from January 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010. Those with affected handles can return them to SkySystems for a new replacement handle at no charge.


  • Internal Audible Mounting in Gath

    An Instructor at Skydive The Farm recently installed the Gath Altimeter Bracket to his Retractable Visor Gath, and found the process a bit tedious. He also discovered the bracket is not a "practical" mount for someone who wants to move an audible frequently from a couple of different helmets as it involves unscrewing part of the mount for removing the audible.

    So he tried installing the audible on the inside of the helmet by removing part of the Gath padding and securing the audible with Velcro.


Fun Jumps!

Check out ChutingStar Wingsuit Athlete Oliver "Olee" Finkelde showing off what can be done in an wingsuit!

Wingsuit Video - Oliver Finkelde

The Tent!

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Laura and the Tent