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  • Alti-2 N3 Review - Part 1 - by Zach Lewis

    Alti-2 N3 Review Part 1 by Zach Lewis

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  • Alti-2 N3 Audio User Update

    Alti-2, the manufacturer of the N3 Audio, has recently investigated customer reported issues with the N3 Audio.

    Here is what they have found:


  • Alti-2 N3/N3A Battery Life

    One of the most asked questions on the Alti-2 N3 and N3A is the life of the rechargeable battery. Here's what the company says on the battery lifespan:

    The average lifespan of the N3/N3A battery should be 500 charges or 10 years (based on charging it once a week if needed). You should only charge the battery when it’s near empty; doing so will help ensure the longevity of the battery’s life. If for any reason the battery is not performing as it should and you’re the original owner, the units have a ten year warranty that covers the battery.


  • L&B U.S. Service Center

    Larsen & Brusgaard continues to show why they are one of the most trusted and respected altimeter makers in the skydiving industry. The company's customer service is well-known as anyone who ever has an issue with one of their products can return it to their headquarters in Denmark for a repair or replacement at little to no cost.

    Well now L&B has gone one step further for it's large U.S. market and has added a U.S. Service Center. Here are the details on how to have your L&B product serviced in the U.S. if you ever have an issue.


  • Viso II Altimeter Strap Mounting

    ChutingStar Video

    The Viso and Viso II altimeters from Larsen & Brusgaard do not come mounted to the enclosed wrist or hand-mount straps. The Viso/Viso II can be put inside a set of Viso Gloves, but this video demonstrates how to mount the altimeter to the enclosed straps.


  • Suunto Watch Altimeter A Hit!

    In 2002, several instructors from Skydive Illinois took up residence in Atlanta and made Atlanta Skydiving Center their new home. An influx of new staff of course brings new ideas, skills, attitudes, and even gadgets. And the one gadget that is starting to catch on is the Suunto watch with altimeter.

    Suunto does not advertise in the skydiving industry, but the altimeter function of its watch is easy to read and operate. It also keeps up with the change of altitude in real time as fast as any other digital altimeter I have ever used. I've since put it in an altitude chamber next to a Neptune2 and found it to be within 100 feet at every moment.


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Check out ChutingStar Wingsuit Athlete Oliver "Olee" Finkelde showing off what can be done in an wingsuit!

Wingsuit Video - Oliver Finkelde

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