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Tube Stoes Installation

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Tube Stoes by SkySystemsUSA are made out of silicone tubing. Tube Stoes are stronger and last much longer than the rubber bands. The criticism of tube stoes is that lines can roll out of the stoes and aren’t held as securely…which can lead to deployment issues. Jumpers with canopies more sensitive to packing/line stowage being "just right" should stick with rubber bands. Others have found tube stoes to be a great alternative to rubber bands without any drawbacks.

Normal installation involves bringing the smooth side around the stow holder and through the seam side. The seam side should also be in the knot without tension when stretched.

Tighter installation involves passing the seam side under the stow holder and through the smooth side. Then bring the smooth side back up through the seam side.

The tightest installation begins with the normal installation, but then wrapping the smooth side around the stow holder a second time and up through the seam side a 2nd time as well.

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