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SkyTie: How to Mount

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The SkyTie magnetic slider keeper is mounted to the top of the reserve pin cover flap. The purpose of the SkyTie is to hold the slider down behind a jumper’s head after the canopy is open so that the slider doesn’t interfere with cameras, the line of sight and/or allows the risers to open up further.

This is not a gadget for all skydivers. Consult with your local DZO, S&TA, instructors and peers before using the SkyTie. The SkyTie can cause a delay during a cutaway if the slider is stowed in the device.

To mount, slide the elastic band over the reserve pin cover flap. Make sure the elastic does not interfere with the reserve cable, RSL or any other cables.

Reclose your reserve pin cover flap. It is not installed and ready for use.

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