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Seven: Data Label and Pockets

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The Data Label for the Seven rig by Basik is located in the reserve pin cover flap. Lift up the reserve pin cover flap, which has tuck flaps on the sides and is tucked down at the bottom.

Reach into the pocket behind the pin cover flap stiffener and pull out the label. The DOM, size, SN, TSO and similar info is located on the label. Also inside the pocket will be the packing data card with all the container, reserve and AAD info. It will also have the record of the rigging done to the equipment.

Under the right mud flap is a pocket for the hook knife. The hook knife will rest in that pocket to keep it from damaging the main lift web. Once the knife is in the pocket, snap it to the outside of the mud flap.

In the lower section of the backpad is a small pocket for a pullup cord behind the spacerfoam.

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