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Installing Slinks without Bumpers

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To install PD Slinks without the bumpers so you can bring the slider down to the base of the risers you will want to tack the tab inside the riser.

Assemble the Slink normally with two passes through the lines/riser. Position the tab centered inside the riser and push toward the top of the riser.

Take a hand needle that is not damaged and pass a piece of super tack through the riser to one side of the center line of the riser, through the tab and out the opposite side. Bring the needle and super tack back through from the other side. Tie a double-overhand knot followed by a single-overhand knot.

o Use your needle to bring the tails of the super tack into the center of the riser and out the side. Trim and your tails are hidden.

Fun Jumps!

Check out ChutingStar Wingsuit Athlete Oliver "Olee" Finkelde showing off what can be done in an wingsuit!

Wingsuit Video - Oliver Finkelde

The Tent!

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Laura and the Tent