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Main Closing Loops: Installation

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Inspect the full main closing loop. Take the loop out of the main closing loop retainer and grommet. Inspect where the washer rests for any damage. Inspect where the loop passes through the grommet for any damage. Inspect the loop itself. Feel the grommet and washer for sharp edges.

Make a new loop to the desired length with two overhand knots to secure behind the washer. Replace the loop back into the grommet and into the main closing loop retainer. Check that the main closing loop retainer is in good condition and secure. Do a final inspection on the exposed main closing loop. Close the container and go jump!

Fun Jumps!

Check out ChutingStar Wingsuit Athlete Oliver "Olee" Finkelde showing off what can be done in an wingsuit!

Wingsuit Video - Oliver Finkelde

The Tent!

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Laura and the Tent