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Elastic Keepers: Sizes and Use

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Elastic keepers come in two sizes: 1" and 1 22/32". The 1" is used on Type 17 webbing. 1 22/32" elastic keepers are used on Type 7 and Type 8 webbing. Elastic keepers are made out of a 1" elastic, trimmed out with Type III tape, double-needle seam and a zig-zag stitch.

The keepers keep the two layers of webbing in line with itself as it enters and exits a chest strap or leg strap adaptor. This keeps the webbing from slipping under load as well as getting damaged/pinched in the sides of the adaptor. The keepers also give a place to stow the excess webbing.

Loose keepers do not keep the webbing stowed or inline with itself.

If you have a loose or broken elastic keeper, and no replacements around, you can use a small or large rubberband. The small rubberband on the Type 17 webbing and the large rubberband on the Type 7 and Type 8 webbing.

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